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ANK 2011 - Experience Exhilaration - NIT Durgapur

ANK 2011 - An Introduction - Knowledge Fest NIT Durgapur

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Calling all tech-geeks and math-minds, and all fun-lovers who like to frolic in the frivolous atmosphere of the first fest of year, and everyone who had an adrenaline rush on seeing John Nash decrypt a secret message just by looking at it in A Beautiful Mind.

Here we are. Ank’11 is back, bigger, better, and more fun than ever before. We have a plethora of purely fun events, and a mixed bag of brain-crackers for math lovers and the geekosophers.

Experience the extravaganza from 2-4 September at NIT Durgapur.


Vision : "pleasure of science lies not in discovering the truth, but in seeking it"
Ank, the first attempt by Maths 'N' Tech Club to conduct a Knowledge fest of NIT Durgapur, evolved out of a whim of the organizers to tease your gray cells and to establish once and for all that mathematics is fun. The intent was to infuse some frivolity in the largely mundane odd semester, and feed the want of knowledge in a grossly competitive premise, where students can come to enhance aptitude and gain skills while having a gala time of it all. Ank has consequently been conceptualized with events precisely engineered to this effect.

At Ank '10, a host of hands-on workshops like Ethical Hacking Workshop and Photoshop Workshop emphasized skill and broadened the horizons of understanding of the youth, while the “Maths-is-Fun” part included veritably innovative events like Maths Maze & Masti , Who’s Next, Constructo, and Terrorist Takedown. Alongside, a host of technology-based events like Simplex, Kryptic, Picturesque, Images and Words were thrown in to let loose the tech maniacs in every engineer.

In consequence, Ank 10 was a huge success, in terms of participation as well as response – with a huge number of people actively taking part in all the events right through all three days. Now, we again venture forward with a bolstered spirit, an unquenched enthusiasm with goals at the horizon to make a resplendently exalting and energized quest of knowledge out of Ank '11.

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Contact : Amit Kr. Pandey - +919007578331
Rishipratim Mazumdar - +919002236725
Ayan Mukherjee - +919932458625

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