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Indrajit White Hat Hacker

Usful Tips to Increase Typing Speeds

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Today I am going to give some information on how to effectively increase your typing speed.

Placing your fingers:
First thing to keep in mind is to place your fingers correctly. And and try to remember the fingers and words. Mostly thumb is on space bar.

Your Sitting:Its also important that what is your sitting position, so at first attempt try to sit in some better place where you can place your fingers accurately.

Donít see at keyboard: Looking at keyword will disturb your memory, once you placed your fingers and remembered the words, try not to see at keyword. It will increase your accuracy. And you will feel comfortable when you remember words.

Use of Emoticons: Once you learned the alphabets placement you must also be aware of things like dot and comma for this you need to start a use of emoticons. Because emoticons include the use of these things and you will easily learn.

Try Some Tutors: If you totally donít know how to proceed that you can use some typing tutors, these softwares will guide you step by step on how to make your typing fast.

Play some Typing Games: There are some games available in market which include typing tests, you can play these games as it is fun and at the same time learning. So better play those games as well.

Practice Makes the man perfect: Its a popular quote that practice makes the man perfect, so youíve to practice a lot, because it will increase you efficiency.

If you have some more tips to increase typing speeds, do share it with us here in the comments section.
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  1. pratheesh's Avatar
    it's good i thing it's good i will try
  2. sreekanthzipsy's Avatar
    yes...i tried this but i am too confused in remembering them
    but i will try again.....................
  3. aditi raj's Avatar
    its really good ........
    i tried this