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Graffiti 2011 - The Annual Techno-Managerial Fest @ SCIT - Official Blog

Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology presents GRAFFITI 2011 Biz Macrocosm

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About Graffiti

Graffiti is the annual Techno-Managerial fest held at the SCIT. It blends various facets of business and technology in an absolutely splendid manner. The grandeur of the event is visible with exceptional participation that we receive from the students of the much renowned B-schools from all over India.

Graffiti turns 11 this year. On this occasion, we are trying to bring out the best of it with a novel concept- 'Biz Macrocosm'. We plan to unfold the cosmos of business, a combination of various events which will test the business and technical acumen.Graffiti is a 2-day annual event to be held on 17th & 18th September 2011 and invites students from various technical and business institutions across India to participate in an array of exciting competitions.

About Theme – Biz Macrocosm

Welcome to the Business Universe.

With it you will explore from the yellow-white clouds of Venus of marketing to red and orange deserts of stock markets, from the white rings of business strategies to the icy planes of Pluto of Finance, from the magneta nebulosity sheathing new-born stars in nurseries like the Orion Nebula of Entrepreneurship to the uncertainties shooting past you like meteors and asteroids. Large planet shaped economies lending their gravitational pull in form of market forces, to the
rainbow-colored remnants cast off by dying stars of case studies.

This voyage will take you across billion light-years of space called 'Business' to the very edge of the observable universe called 'Information Technology'.

About SCIT

SCIT is a premier IT B-School, located in India's most futuristic IT city, Pune, at Hinjewadi. With its unique MBA-ITBM program, SCIT has been focussed to equip the IT industry with the brightest of minds and with the right kind of techno-managerial skills. Recently accredited with grade A*** at the state level, the highest possible grading that a program can get at state level and grade A** at national level, the second highest grade by CRISIL, SCIT's MBA-ITBM programme has been covering the entire spectrum of 'Information Technology' and 'Business'.

Symbiosis has been importing quality education in India for 30 years and as a jewel in crown of this mighty family, SCIT has outshone by going beyond the realms of a standard rigid MBA programme and is committed to sharpen IT professionals in such a manner that they become the most sought after managers.
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