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Pulse 2011 - Technical Festival DJSCOE Mumbai

Technology Bonanza Pulse 2011 - DJSCOE Technical Festival

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Technology, though it may come from big multinational companies into the palm of our hands, isn't born in the million dollar labs or factories. Its roots can be traced to minds, minds that are full of ideas and genius, most of which we see in technical institutes today. One of these pioneering colleges in Mumbai is Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engineering. With a certified A+ grade from MU and the best infrastructure that a college could offer, DJSCOE has grown beyond the common perception of a technical institute. It is much more than just that.

Breaking the biggest stereotype is its technical festival, Pulse 2011, which takes prime importance during the month of September. It has grown over the years, each year bigger than the next. This year it takes the theme of the space age, along with the motto, The Learning Revolution. At Pulse 2011, we believe that the best gift that is passed on from a generation to the next, is knowledge. Knowledge empowers minds and empowers the nation. This year, when Pulse 2011 opens its doors on the 15th, 16th and 17th of September, every person that comes in would go back, not empty handed, but having learnt something.

Pulse 2010, its predecessor, was a giant leap from Pulse 2009. Taking a step forward, it had a lot of robotic tracks, events, and even technologies that had people in awe. The Laser CS arena and its guns, the Accelerometer, the Tech-Expo all added to its technology quotient.

This year, Pulse 2011 starts to aim bigger, better and by far the best technical festival Mumbai has witnessed. With pre-fest events like the Pulse Corner keeping in touch with the Learning Revolution, the biggest and one of its kind Outhouse Treasure Hunt at ESSEL WORLD, happening on the entire park which pits more than 300 people against each other in the race against time and themselves, Pulse 2011 is already causing a stir. With on-fest events like RoboWars, fondly called Robo Akkhada, with mean robots fighting against each other for supremacy and the bragging rights, it is surely going to be an amazing experience.

Another difference that Pulse 2011 hopes to make, is the changing of minds for something better for India. There are people who live their dreams, believe in their ideas, use their minds to achieve things that are not perceived by others, and hope that this world becomes a better place because of those ideas. The best gift they can give us is the knowledge they hold. They’re ordinary people, with extraordinary ideas. DJTalks is an event where such people will come and share their knowledge with us, for Pulse 2011, The Learning Revolution.

For those who think that engineering is all work and no play, the DJ Nite is an apt occasion to quell your doubts. The concept of having fun is not alien to us. It is in fact, one of basic needs. The DJ Nite, that will happen at one of the most happening places ever during any given festival time, the JRM, will host DJ SpinTwin playing their tunes to around 3000 people! With amazing music and that many people grooving to the tunes, the party is going to be one of the best that have happened there so far.

Along with this, there is the WCA Speed Cubing competition. SpeedCubing means solving the rubix cube, one of the most intricate puzzles in the fastest time possible. With children as old as six years coming to test their wits against the mighty cubers, this is an event to watch out for. No festival is complete without the old fashioned car race. In comes the F1 Indian GP, with the actual F1 Force India car as an attraction, a track built in about 700 sqaure feet area, with mini cars built by the students themselves will be driven by RCs. And there is technology implemented in Aquabotics, an IC Engine Car competition also at JRM, the first of its kind, this festival is reaching heights none have scaled so far. Expecting a footfall of over 30,000 people over three days, Pulse 2011 is going to be more than just another technical festival.

It is going to be hard to just pass it by. Pulse 2011 is going to be all that it promises to be and it is going to be so much more. Come in at DJSCOE on the 15th, 16th or 17th of September and be a part of The Learning Revolution.
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