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TechXetra 2011 - Official Blog | Tezpur University

TechXetra 2011 - Expanding the Frontiers of Technology!

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techxetra 2011 blog

TechXetra (टेकक्षेत्र) A multifaceted extravaganza where science and technology coalesece with fun, fabricating an enjoyable learning experience. Techxetra is the combination of two words: Tech and Xetra. Tech refers to Technology and Xetra (Hindi word) meaning terrain. TechXetra symbolises the terrain filled with new technological trends and vistas.

TechXetra is a national level technical festival of Tezpur University, which attracts enthusiasts from all over the nation. This mega-fest for quest of technology started in 2008 and the previous endeavours carved out niches of their own. Today, TechXetra with the experiences and milestones of the past, is ready to unfurl its wings and to transcend the limits of science and technology.

In its third year, TechXetra is poised to grow and reach out to a greater scientific community. We are set to take the quest to the next level, with added vigour and zeal. The three days of TechXetra 2010 will also witness a grand cultural night: A celebration of traditional and modern music, dance and various other forms of art. A great platform for talent showcasing. In all, TechXetra will be a fun-filled feast of knowledge and intellect, encouraging the creative, the innovative and the genius in each.
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