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Software Engineers BLOG: Simple Solution to a complex problem!

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simple solutions to complex problems
There was this cosmetic manufacturing company is Japan which received a complaint from its distributors that 15% of the soap boxes were found empty when they are delivered. The directors were sure that there is no fault with the employees as everything is automated from manufacturing to packing. Therefore, after discussing with all the quality experts they thought of importing a high sensitive scanner and place it on the conveyor belt and raise an alarm for empty boxes. But, this would atleast take three weeks to arrive and installation and testing may again take a week. This will result in the production being stopped for a month which would incur a heavy loss to the company.

Over hearing this conversation, a lady who works as a house keeping personnel informed the directors that she could solve the problem in a day with an expense of 100$. The directors thought it as a joke and ignored it completely, but finally decided to give a chance to the lady. The next day in front of all the directors, she came up with a giant fan which was placed near the conveyor belt through which the packed boxes pass through. This fan would automatically blow the empty boxes away and only the boxes that contained soaps would pass through.

What does this infer? Donít We tend to over look simple solutions for complicated issues. Once you identify the root cause of the problem ( on various areas like Where, Why, When and How) arriving at a solution is very simple.

We might have experienced these kind of scenarios in our daily life, like Closing the car doors with the key inside and running to the mechanic for help instead of having another spare key in our wallet .. Any Experiences in similar grounds.. Share with us..

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    impressive one...i realy must say its an nice fact to understand how 2 overcm our day to day problems
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