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Small thing Matter the LEAST !!!

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ID:	5869Most of you might believe in just the reverse of what the title of my write-up suggests, but I hope by reading this you will start to think differently.

I have heard a lot of people saying that it is the small things that a person does that speak volumes about him or her. However, in my opinion, they fail to look at the bigger picture. For eg- touching the feet of the elderly ! It is no doubt a gesture of respect and people really do acknowledge that but if someone doesn't do it doesn't mean that he/she doesn't have any respect for the elderly. To me, such traditional gesture doesn't matter any more and respect is all about following their teachings and making use of them to be a good person.

I'll give you an example: All through my life I have touched the feet of inumerable people as a gesture of respect but for almost 99% of those people I actually didn't have any !! For the same reason I’ve never touched my mom's feet because this small thing just doesn't matter. It’s how I follow her teachings that matter and how I became an ideal son to her that matters, rest all is just a habit.

People who are too involved in materialistic pleasures crave the most for these small things and it could be proved by the fact that a couple who understand each other the best have the least number of hassles about these 'small' things. So next time when you fight with your loved ones over really petty issues just think about whether it is worth it?? Whether that issue is worth losing the time that could be spent beautifully with the other person?

You might be thinking that these things actually make up the bigger picture and they need to be tackled first. I am not denying that one should tackle it . I am just saying that they should tackle it in in a better way. "He/She didn't wait for me" are some of the typical small things people fight over. What we fail to understand is that is there any point if somebody does wait for you but doesn't exactly care for you? Is it worth it ? Each one us is smart enough to understand the truth behind the other person’s behaviour but I guess we are too involved with these small issues that we overlook that and start comparing with others who too are like us.

Now it's up to you to decide what matters to you the most ?
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  1. vrishtisingh's Avatar
  2. sreekanthzipsy's Avatar
    IT is not ambiguity it is clear......
    no need to touch the feet for showing respect
  3. Sandeep_Devhare's Avatar
    Hi I am sandy ..........! wanna make frndshp with u.
    i appreciate u really ......... always keep in touch with us.
  4. Sandeep_Devhare's Avatar
    n i like ur articla that is "dont just go through life but live it " nice one.
    i think i need nt to comment on it ............!
  5. Dinesh Godaba's Avatar
    it depends on the way the individual is brought up.. touchng d feet is not "the only way".. its jus a way to show one's respect towards others.. i agree with u
  6. deepikadurai's Avatar
    really awesome...
  7. Mike20's Avatar
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