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The Water Cooler Talk: BLOG by Sakshi!

What is LOVE!!!

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It is the one and only thing which a person wants as an ultimate goal of his life (one way or the other) One of the most powerfull tool but one of the most difficult path to follow. Very common yet very rare. Strong but equally weak.

A language known by all, so there must something in it that even an animal can understand it but the question is HOW MUCH should we love?

In most of the 'inspirational stores' we read/heard it said that one should love unconditionally but the next problem is to whom ? Whole mankind? or just a few people? so in the end we are left with no answers but a lot more questions instead.

Same thing will happen when u read this article too.
One should love everyone, be it living or non living, but this 'love' is not what we commonly know as love,its a feeling when we forget the past and think only about the present and believe in something unconditionally, U might face some downfalls but the kind of impact u'll have through love would be far greater than any other thing. It can actually turn any enemy of yours into your friend or make him such a person that u become friends, its would be like a '+ve aura' surrounding you and belive me every one will start feeling in the same way.

If we also start doing the same, the whole world around you will change even your enemies will do thing what even ur friend wouldn't have done.
It said that the world is same as 'we' perceive it to be, when you only have love in your heart this is what you are doing, everything will start becoming beautifull, and when people around you feel such an 'Aura' they too will start behaving in a different manner. In a way you are actually cleaning them of all the miseries of life. More you have that feeling larger will be the effected area, and a point shall come when the other person is so influenced by you that they themselves become a powerhouse like you.

There is a lot of difference between reading this thing and actually following it, but try to take a small step, I know there might a cases where u trust someone but they might betray you, but do not lose hope, u have done your part, leave that person and move on, the ultimate goal is to be a powerhouse so that others too feel the same way, believe me as u go on following this you will be actually attain 'peace'. So let's stop being ourselves rather try and spread Love 'in and around you'
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  1. vrishtisingh's Avatar
    Nice thought.........if every one of follow this, world will be like a family and no one will be enemy of anyone....!!! I appreciate your thought....really its' very much nice............
  2. chauhanrajan07's Avatar
    gr8 philosophy......kash vo bhi ise samaj pati........
  3. Batardo's Avatar
    I was very lucky that I found the site, where I managed to find myself a partner. Before that, on various sites I tried to get to know each other, but I couldn't. People did not understand my desires and tastes. Now I get to know each other without any problems and it's very cool! Love to all!