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The Water Cooler Talk: BLOG by Sakshi!

An Ideal Life

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Size:  9.6 KBHi, I mentioned about this thing in my last blog and said that you need not do any prayer or believe in GOD but you should always try and achieve an IDEAL life, but now the most important thing is what is an ideal life ??

Frankly speaking, its very easy to say but its one of the most difficult thing to do.

Its actually funny because to live such a life we just have to do live our life in the "right" manner, do good things, act properly and behave like a good citizen or in short do thing which are universally correct, but we still cant do what is correct.

So we are so engrossed in our life that we actually feel uncomfortable while doing th right thing instead we always pray that good thing happen to us.

Well there is no fixed pattern or method to live an ideal life, as i said previously that there is no fixed method to get the best thing, but i could explain that in simple "layman" terms.

"You should always try to be such a man that all your friends agree to marry their sisters to you !!!"

Believe me it one of the best definitions . ask your friends honestly and you would get to know the reality.

Although I have written it for a Man but Women can also interpret it in their way too. So from next time onwards if you do something just think that if any of your freinds see this what effect would this have on your chances to getting married to his/her sister.

But that doesn't mean you do what they say ! If a group of guys force someone to have a cigarette and he refuses them, so they'll make fun of him but in the end behind his back they would always praise a non smoker that he didn't do it even after they coaxed him for that. So you have to see at the larger picture and not the short term goals because then you would have interpreted this defnition wrong !!

I hope you guys find the real sense of it and follow it "Ideally"
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