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The 'Universal' theory of relativity...

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ID:	5872First of all this article has nothing to do with Einstein or his theory, but this something very similar as it is universal n a very common thing but we donít realize it.

Each and every thing which happens to us or goes around us is actually relative in nature e.g. happiness, sadness, pity anger, relationships and even material objects. There is no fixed rule! If a beautiful girl from a very bad background gets a simple flower from an ugly guy, she might except it n eventually is his gf, since its all relative, from nothing to something.

There must have been so many occasions in ur life where u might have thought that 'how he/she could end up with a person like that" itís because that "person" was the best among the rest or that "person" had a higher relative score.

So in a way there is no universal score to anything be it living or non-living, itís always relative and our satisfaction level is directly proportional to the relative score of a thing.

Thats how the human mindset works, you might have noticed a poor couple roaming around in the mall, knowing pretty well and even a cold-drink there would be out of budget but still the kind of satisfaction they have only by standing on escalators would be far greater than people actually buying there, all this bring our attention to the fact that our satisfaction with anything is related to how we score that thing "relatively" this is one of the main reason why after going through a very bad time if even get a slight amount of relieve it feels like heaven. This is also one of the main reason why people are unhappy with their life because they have such high set standards that relatively everything else scores very low , and a person who take small steps would be much more happier with his life overall n 'relatively'.

We should always have dreams and move towards it but we should never make our dreams set standards so that anything else makes you unhappy n this thing would eventually end up becoming a rage rather than a passion. The lower is your standard happier you will be, hence itís said that a person should be content with what he has, but this shouldnít be interpreted in a wrong way, a person can always dream n hope about a better future, if itís there well n good but if it isnít there he should never be upset but should always keep on trying, in the meanwhile be content with what he has.

Peace :-)
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