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SPREE 2011 @ BITS Pilani, GOA Campus Official BLOG!

FRIZZZBEE-ED! Ultimate Frisbee At SPREE 2011

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Ultimate Frizbee @ spree 2011
Ultimate Frisbee - This adaptation of American Football, soon to feature in Spree2011, has got much of the crowd talking about it! This non-contact sport shall see two teams of 5 each, battle it out on field, to score the maximum amount of ‘Frisbees’ into the opponents zone, scoring a point. The game begins with the winner of the ‘Frisbee’ toss, deciding whether to play offensive or defensive. The defence throws the Frisbee to the offense, and the game kicks off.

The players fling, toss, chuck, hurl, launch and zoom the Frisbee to their team-mates, without dropping it to the ground. A turnover results if a player possesses the disc for more than ten seconds. Ultimate Frisbee continues to proceed in this manner until the pre-determined number of maximum goals is reached or the stipulated time is up. This physically challenging Off-Beat event shall witness no referee, with the players managing the fouls based on pure sportsmanship!

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