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Where there is a will, there is a way

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Where there is a will, there is a way’ is a well-known saying. It means that everything is possible in this world, provided one has the necessary will power and determination to do it.....................

In other words nothing is impossible in this world provided it is backed by a strong will, constant efforts and unshakable faith.

In our practical life we see that all our desires are not fulfilled. On proper analysis we would discover that most of our unfulfilled desires were just wishes. A close examination will reveal that we did not make sustained efforts to fulfill those wishes. There is no reason why one should not succeed if one works with full determination for achieving one’s cherished objective. It is said that God helps those who help themselves.

when it comes to giving practical shape to our wishes, we find lack of determination and will-power. A wish can be described as a will only if it is supported by strong determination and will power. Will is a strong desire. It is backed by firmness of purpose and resolution. Means are not so important in the fulfillment of strong desire. What is relevant and of basic value is the strong deter*mination to reach the goal or achieve the objective. Fulfillment of will presupposes hurdles and also sacrifices to tide them over or face them undaunted. Without such firm resolution and unshakable determination to achieve the objective and also the preparedness to suffer and make sacrifices, the will remains a simple desire or wish.

In our life we give up many things considering them as very difficult or impossible, Sometimes we show some courage and start some work. But even the slightest difficulty makes us nervous and we leave it there. Lives of great men teach us that there is nothing impossible in this world. Napolean went to .the extent of saying that the word impossible did not exist in his dictionary. The story of Robert Bruce and the Spider is a good example of crowning victory as a result of sustained efforts. Unification of sliced-up Germany by Prince Bi&mark is another shining example of unshak*able determination and iron will against formidable odds.

It is true that even those tasks which are seemingly impossible can be accomplished with a strong and sincere determination. Difficulties deter us only when we lack determination. They disappear as a determined step marches on. Adverse circumstances can be overcome by sincere longing, concerted efforts and strong deter*mination.

Difficulties and obstacles melt like snow if one has a strong determination One does find some way out if one makes a sincere effort achieving one’s objectives.

It was a strong desire that made Shri Madan Mohan Malviya establish a historic educational institution like Benaras Hindu University. He supported his desire by hard labour and continued to work undaunted. Difficulties came in his way, but he was never deterred because of his strong will-power and ultimately he succeeded in his mission.

In India we have many problems—economic, social and communal. They are difficult no doubt, but they are the result of utter lack of determination on the part of the people to solve them. If the people of India make up their mind and work hard with a will these problems can be solved in no time.


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