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My WoNdErFuL bLoG

Best Role Model Is our Mamma(Mother)

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If we search for a role model, we just look outside from our home. If we see very much carefully, there is no need to go outside. Our mamma is our best role model. We can everything from our mamma, which can make us a successful person in our life.

Just look here to know HOW??????


Mamma always have patience. She never make a demand to get something.

Tolerance capability:- She always tolerate , her children.

Laborious:- She is always ready to provide all the comfort to her child.

Hard worker:- She is always ready to provide happiness to her family member.

Active:- She is always active to provide the food for her family in time.

Never deny -- Whatever we ask , whenever, whether it is our books, clothes, one glass water, she is always ready to give us.

Loving:- Mamma always love her child.

Caring:- Mamma always care her family even without caring for herself.

Punctual:- Mamma is always punctual for her daily routine.

:- Mamma is determined for her work.

Polite:- Mamma is always polite to us, even we are in anger.

Never complains for anything.

Mamma never does complain for anything, or any discomfort.

We must respect our parents and must adapt these qualities to get success in our life.


  1. vrishtisingh's Avatar
    Mamma is very much nice and care every time for us. Mamma is best.