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My WoNdErFuL bLoG

Me and JULI(my pet cat)

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Love understands all, even animals. If we take care of an animals. They become our pet. Once me and my brother were playing outside of our house. We saw two small cats were there , and crows were torturing them.
We took both them in our home.
One was black and another was white.
We put them in our home because their mom cat did not come to take them.
We put their name as JULI and POOSI.
Both were very much nice and cute. JULY was sleeping with me in night.
At night, she felt bathroom, she came out of blanket and did bathroom there and again come inside to sleep, when i see whole the blanket was wet, I cried over her. She was listening and saying miaaao miaaao...
She was very much naughty. We had one pet dog also. named TIGER.
JULI was always curious to play with TIGER, but we were afraid because dog and cat can never live together...........So JULI and POOSI was in more attention by us...

Since both small cats were living between human being, so they became brave and started going out. This was dangerous for them, because they were thinking all people and animal will be friendly to them...

One day JULI at night had gone outside, and some dogs ran behind her......any how we saved our small cat...she was quite afraid.........we tried for her not to go outside...but again one day she left the home,,,she had gone outside...and did not come back.....ALL were sad in the home...we did not take food that day...We searched every where her...but she was not found.........From that time , we did not tried to put any cat in our home as a pet..........
Just Like That


  1. vrishtisingh's Avatar
    JULI was quite naughty and cute....but at the last it did not happen well...