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The Water Cooler Talk: BLOG by Sakshi!

My Passion: Digital photography - Technological Update!

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have some interest in photography - I bought my first camera an Agfa Isoly II about 15 years back. Like almost everyone, I have now switched to digital photography. Last few years have seen an explosion in digital camera market. Digicams are becoming better in terms of resolution, price, optics etc. A lot of us now have hundreds if not thousands of digital photographs and this number would continue to grow.

In a similar situation for documents, we can use search to effectively find documents of interest. But in case of photographs content search does not work for obvious reasons. A short cut to overcome this problem is to tag each & every photo with meta-data describing a photograph. Another way is to automatically generate the meta-data by examining the content.

So if we have a foolproof method of automatic recognition of a person in the photograph, we can add the name of the person as the meta-data facilitating quick search. As of now, most digital cameras append some meta-data (date, time, camera model, focal length, exposure etc. ) to every photo taken using an Industry standard format called EXIF. Based on this data you can search/ organize photographs on the basis of specific period and time of the day.

I saw an interesting way to add place of the scene as a meta-data to photographs. You can buy a GPS device (GPS-CS1 from Sony for US$ 150) that keeps logging location information with date & time in its memory every 15 second creating records of where you have been with your camera for a fortnight. You can down load time and location information from this device to your computer and a program can automatically tag all your photos with the geographic location based on the time stamp on geographic location information and the photograph. With the geographical position in EXIF, it would be possible to search photographs taken in a specific place - Tower of London - also.

The device also demonstrates innovative use of exiting technologies.
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  1. akchadha's Avatar
    Thanks Sakshi for information on GPS device.
  2. shailendra's Avatar
  3. raghu's Avatar
    Gud after nun mam,,the thing u hav discused above,has already been implemented in mobiles such as nokia-x6
    as i m using that cell,, i appreciate ur idea,,for digi cams,,but companies hav already pland 4 all these..
  4. crazybishnoi29's Avatar
    i am using n97 mini and i am totally impressed by it... i love photography...
  5. crazybishnoi29's Avatar
    P.S. n97 also have gps tagging free of cost