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Concetto - The Techno-Management Festival at ISM Dhanbad

CONCETTO- The Annual Techno cum Management Fest of ISM Dhanbad

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ISM Dhanbad has launched its brand new technical cum management fest CONCETTO’11. CONCETTO has 40+ events in technology and managerial domain covering the field like coding events, case studies, B-Plan competitions, Paper presentation contests, stocks, robotics, Industrial design problems and a lot more enrapturing events awaiting your presence.

It has been our earnest endeavour to provide a platform to numerous talented students across the world to exhibit their scientific prowess, managerial acumen and spread the spirit of sportsmanship by uniting young minds from various institutions under the banner of CONCETTO’11, where you will get the privilege of competing shoulder to shoulder with the best of the best.

Some of our flagship events are, Aqua Odessey, Bizz-Craft, Yantraanveshan, Junkyard Wars, Nonsenso, Quizzypet, Mine-Erva and Nuit de Codage. To widen your technical horizons we have a row of Workshops, Guest-Lectures, and Exhibition by ISRO. The problem statements of various events are also up on the website…So friends gear up for the upcoming challenge @concetto ’11.

Log on to and register to get updates and other useful information about CONCETTO.

For queries and info mail us at info @concetto

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