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Tathva 2011 - NIT Calicut Techfest Official Blog

TATHVA'11 NIT,Calicut

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The National Institute Of Technology, Calicut has a long and illustrious history of encouraging technical innovation and growth, and Tathva'11 is all set to raise the bar to take the next step forward in that pioneering journey. A lecture series featuring the elite minds of the technical world, informative exhibitions and workshops, competitive and challenging events are all part of the Tathva experience.

We at NIT Calicut believe in building a solid foundation of knowledge, by enhancing confidence, creativity and innovation in students. Tathva workshops and exhibitions play a fundamental role in providing technical exposure and training to future engineers of India.


Exhibitions during Tathva have been major crowd pullers, showcasing the latest technical progress of the country. They appeal to wide range of visitors of all ages and backgrounds. Robotics exhibitions, air shows and space shows like ISRO, DRDO, ANERT, FOSSCELL etc have all been part of Tathva through the years.

Indian Army

The Indian Army is the land based branch and the largest component of the Indian Armed Forces. Indian Army is one of the few reasons why we sleep in peace in our country of brimming violence and insecurity. The highly sophisticated technology used in the making of weapons used by the army, is the result of burning of a lot of midnight oil by a talented team of personnel.

We bring before you, a promising exhibition, organized by the Indian army for Tathva '11. In the light of many major and remarkable victories in the field of national security and development of highly sophisticated arms and ammunitions, this is sure to give a feast of many exhibits of immense importance and interests.


Naval Physical and Oceanographic Laboratory (NPOL), Kochi, is one of the major R&D laboratories of Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO). It works for providing scientific support to the armed services. Today NPOL stands out with great pride for its outstanding achievements and contributions in the areas of SONAR research and development for Navy. NPOL is also involved in R&D works in the fields of technologies for underwater surveillance, study of ocean environment and underwater materials.

Tathva '11 offers you an enthralling and highly informative section of exhibits by NPOL, which mainly aims at opening a new gateway in the young minds of the multitude of students who come in.


The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is the leading agency for space exploration and research in India. Established in 1969, ISRO has been responsible for path-breaking advances in space technology in the country. From its first satellite, Aryabhatta, and the INSAT and the IRS series of satellites to the celebrated Chandrayaan-1, India's first lunar mission, the organisation's accomplishments are endless. ISRO presents an exhibition to remember. Reach for the stars, as you explore the Final Frontier at Tathva '11!

Workshops at Tathva offer a priceless opportunity to receive hands-on knowledge from leading experts, for those who believe in enhancing practical awareness in both technology and business. Past workshops at Tathva have included training in various domains, from astrophotography, robotics (humanoid hand) and ethical hacking to analysis of the stock market.

This year we provide you with Astrophotography, RC Aircraft Design Fabrication & Flying, Cloud Computing, Accelero-Botix and Automotive & Engine Design


The Competitions at Tathva are designed to challenge the participants in every facet of technology and business. Budding engineer can try their hand at Coding, Robotics, Cartesian geometry or even Biotechnology. For more business oriented, Tathva offer several events which test acumen and skill in management.
Over 10,000 participants from all over India compete each year for the lucrative prizes on offer. Whether it be building robots or creating vehicles from scratch, put your brain to ultimate test. Competitions @Tathva- because we believe that engineering is more than just theory. So we bring Online Events, Quiz, Robotics Events, Industry Defined Problems(IDP), Engineering Events, Management Events and many more.


The Lecture Series at Tathva features renowned experts sharing their valuable experiences. It has included luminaries like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Dr. Madhavan Nar, Dr. Richard Stallman, Dr. Johannes Orphal and Jimmy Wales (founder of Wikipedia) in previous editions. This time Tathva’11 provides you with lectures by Dr. Tessy Thomas (head of Agni-II mission), Dr. Raju Narayana Swamy IAS (Secratery, General Education, Govt. Of Kerala), Dr. P P Chandrachoodan (BARC) and Dr. A Unnikrishnan (Associate Director, Naval Physical and Oceanographical Laoratory, Kochi)
For all the automobile buffs, Tathva presents Wheels – the ultimate auto show. A superb collection of rare and sought-after cars will be on display at this stall. Moreover, with presentations, galleries and video displays, Wheels never fails to attract large crowds.

Tathva is not all work and no play. Take a break from hectic techie schedules at the Informals stall. It offers fun and whacky games, perfect for those who want to unwind and relax a little during Tathva.

At the end of each hectic day, crowds gather in the OAT (Open Air Theatre) for the Tathva Nites. State-of-the-art tech displays and fascinating cultural performances come together to hold the thousands thronging the OAT. And this year we bring to you the following thrilling nites: Motherjane live concert, Roboshow by Metalmate Rotobtics Night Of Groove, Sound of Music by our vibrant Music club, and Hand Shadowgraphy by Dr. Amar Sen.

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