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The Water Cooler Talk: BLOG by Sakshi!

the futility of learnig spelling...

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having been induced to spendign time with wren and martin, i am quite amused nowadays when everyone is so comfortable with the SMS spellings [the T-9s must be going crazy!], i noticed that style creeping slowly into other writtem communication formats too.

everyone is in a hurry.
while wrintin as well as reading.

i heard a joke a long tiem ago that a person was writing a letter very slowly. when asked, he said that hisbrither could only read slowly, so he is writging slowly.

what the calculator did to basic math skills, the spell checker has done to good spelling skills.

i saw an IM status message that said "i wake may too may mistaked for my own god"
apparentlhy, for 2 days this person did not get any comments from any of the contacts, as nobody noticed what was strange about it.

many of us also did not learn touch typing. so, while using just a few fingers to type, these mistakes are bound to occur.

i decided not to run spell check on this post - and let the readers get back if they could not understand something.

if you understood this - in spite of the typos - you are in step with the SMS genreation.

let me know.

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    Updated 19th February 2011 at 11:49 PM by shailendra
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    tiem, brither, writging
  3. crazybishnoi29's Avatar
    without typos--
    everyone is in hurry.
    i heard a joke long tiem
    what the calculator does to basic
    the spell checker has done to spelling skills.
    from any of his contacts