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How to make a girl happy.....

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If you’re one of those guys who want to know how to make a girl happy because you want her to like you, then stop right here. Making a girl happy will not make her like you, but once she likes you, making her happy is a great way to keep your relationship going strong. So this article is dedicated to those already in a relationship, not to those trying to pick up girls....

The first principle when making a girl happy is that YOU must be happy first.

Happiness is contagious, and if you’re happy with life, your energy will affect people around you in a positive way. To understand, let’s look at the opposite. Have you ever been around someone who was really depressed? This person might of started to talk to you in a low tone, telling you about how bad their life was, and then you suddenly start to sympathize and tell them how bad your life is in return. Soon enough, you’re BOTH depressed! Well, the same applies to happiness, if you’re excited about a project you’re working on, or even about something as
simple as a sunny day, it will be contagious. People LOVE being around people who are happy.
Its addictive and attractive.

The second principle is that is that its all about the little things.

A small surprise note, a random short email, anything unexpected and SMALL will go a long way to making a girl very happy. Its the little things that matter the most in life. Big things on the other hand rarely have
the same effect. Buying someone a car will make them feel like they owe you, or like you’re trying to buy them something. On the other hand, leaving them a small note that simply says “hi I’m thinking of you” ( don’t actually write that ) will make them feel special. Again, its
important to keep the first concept in mind, when you do small things, make sure it makes YOU happy as well.
Afterwards, keep in mind its the small things in life that affect us, not the big things. One of the small things you could do today to make the
girl of your dreams be happy is to read up on what really attracts women. Think about it, what women really want is to be massively attracted to the guy of their dream. Wouldn’t you be happy if you were really attracted to the woman of your dreams? I know I am.....


  1. vrishtisingh's Avatar
    Looks you are quite mature in the art of making women attracted towards yourself....
  2. chauhanrajan07's Avatar
    hey,, it is jst 4 makin our relationship bettr n bettr......
  3. Wooler's Avatar
    Firstly you need to love her You can buy some cool gift or other thing
  4. elysechavez's Avatar
    After the divorce, I had trouble making my current girlfriend happy. I always focus on her smile to see if she is happy enough. However, the main reason for our quarrels with her was that after the divorce, my ex- wife and I remained good friends. We spoke on the phone, wrote off, sometimes drank coffee together. And my new girlfriend didn't like it, which isn't surprising. But our communication with my ex ended when I read an article about 7 reasons why being friends with your ex usually doesnt work.
  5. Shirt circuit's Avatar
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  6. Batardo's Avatar
    Based on my experience, I can say that not every man can make a girl happy. But if you are ready to try and expect happiness in return, then visit the best site for dating with beautiful brides. This will help you find the best bride and give birth to the most beautiful children. Happiness is one for two.