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The Water Cooler Talk: BLOG by Sakshi!

Lean Brain Management

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This is a recent book i read.

i was impressed by the blurb - and when i realized it was a satire written by an eminent IBMer from Germany, i was even more impressed.

while it takes some pages to get used to the style, and sometimes feels that a few ideas are stretched - it is an enjoyable read.

The author contends that intelligence is wasted on problems that themselves have been caused by an excess of intelligence.

he goes on to argue through the 200+ pages that for most of our lives, we need to use only minimal intelligence and by putting intelligence into systems, we make it a lean brain system.

once intelligence is freed from the mundane things that we use it for, the human potential is limitless.

like with many such ideas - i always try to read some 'philosphy' between the words. just like there have been papers written about the philosophy and mysticism behing the Matrix series..

as we talk about the need to improve productivity on large, multi-year engagements by inducting more of less experienced persons or the need to have multi-skilling so that people can become more productive across multiple projects, the lean brain approach seems to be an answer.

the initial hypothesis is that why do we need originals when fakes would do? fakes are cheaper to produce and hence cost less and most people cannot distinguish between the real and the fake anyway!

begin excerpt:
the first phase of humanity led to an unsatisfactory belief in the eternal security of God. people thought only of God and eternal life.

the second phase, secularization, whose end we are witnessing, liberated reason and enabled self-fulfillment and prosperity to everyone who aspired to them. now, people only thought of themselves.

the third phase is fakularization which frees the system of humankiind's selfishness and reorganizes it as efficiently as possible, using the Lean Brain principle. the world itself will now become the best it can be, completely independent of people, who can then go back to praying.
:end excerpt

i particularly liked a lesson highlighted that is very close to our knowledge management approach of just in time and just enough..

begin excerpt:
the brain is always old! the young brain is filled up once and then lives with those modules of knowledge. however, when googling, the information is always current. this is why it must be immediately forgotten again after use. the statement that "you always have to learn anew" is not accurate. it's not about continually updating the hard drives in your head. It's what we should not even be using it at all! Lean Brain is the virtuosic handling of short-term memory or, to use a computer metaphor, your RAM.
:end excerpt
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