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The Water Cooler Talk: BLOG by Sakshi!

Trusting the Unknown!

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trusting the unknown
How do we define known and unknown to us? A known can be living or non living. A known to one is her family, friends, workplace, team mates, school or college mates, bank, company, residential premises, city, school or college, culture, religion, long term driver or any living or non living with whom she had or having long term relationship. Rest of the world, I believe, to be unknown. Everyone trusts. Everyone trusts hundreds of living or non living. Everyone trusts known.

Wait a minute… did I say unknown? Yes… no… may be… let’s check out what is the answer… It all begins, in the noisy labor room surrounded by green doctors, nurses, ayyas the baby slips into the hand of a doctor, an unknown doctor. This is the first time, I believe, knowingly and unknowingly, the new life learns to trust unknown. Mother has already learnt to trust unknown for these many years. It continues, when the baby goes to school for the first time, she sits among the unknown, she cries, she laughs and learns with them. Soon they become known. Parents do not know the teachers but they trust them and send their children to them.

In some cases trust breaks and parents regret their decision and change the school from one unknown to another unknown. We go to doctors for treatment whom we do not know. We trust them they will treat us well. We believe marriage bureau and trust them for a good life partner. When a man goes to a barber shop for a shave the level of trust is so much that we give control of our neck to an unknown. A small mistake would end our beautiful life but we believe that our life is not on stake.

On the road we are surrounded by all unknown. We trust all of them. We trust that the next vehicle to us will drive safely. We trust the vehicle ahead of us will not apply a sudden break. We trust the small boy by the road side will not run into the road suddenly. We trust each and every action by all unknown around. In an accident all helps come from unknown. This time we have least option but to trust unknown and accept their help. Again, the most modern, most spread unknown is World Wide Web. Internet.

Daily millions and millions unknown interact on net, they chat, they become friends, they business, they teach, they learn etc. It is a web of known but everyone trusts each other. Thousands of trust is broken every single second. But again it all continues. If an unknown do hit our vehicle we get angry and shout on them and sometime we end up more harshly. Why? Because our trust has been broken. Similarly a number of times our trust is broken by a number of unknown. When a teacher beat a school child, when a doctor’s prescription do not do well, when you barber cuts your hair wrong or put a cut etc.

Sometime the life put a situation like we have left no option but to trust unknown. When we tour to remote place or another country, it all starts with unknown. We talk to them, we bid, we bargain, we deal etc. We trust both breathing unknown and non breathing unknowns. We trust doctors in operation theater, we trust pilot in plane, we trust driver in train, bus, we trust operator in roller coaster, we trust barber, we trust co-passenger that he is not carrying a bomb, we trust media, we trust politicians, we trust engineers, we trust domestic helpers, We trust share market, we trust lifts, we trust bridges, we trust government, we trust jurisdiction, we trust police, we trust law, we trust advocates, we trust computer, we trust internet, One who firmly says that he never trust unknown must be a nastik.
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  1. PsP's Avatar
    Awesome composition
  2. shailendra's Avatar
    nice thought..........
  3. Shirt circuit's Avatar
    Well, I don't believe the marriage bureau. My wife cheated on me and broke up with me later, having taken half of my property with the help of lawyers.
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