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The LOGICAL Decision - Must Read for EVERY FaaDoOEngineer!

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The LOGICAL Decision - Must Read for EVERY FaaDoOEngineer!

here was a youth named “Mr. Commitment” who was very intelligent and laborious. He was a genius student. He belonged to a middle class family .but he always took pleasure in his status. His father was a simple government officer. He himself was a simple guy and never thought to harm anyone. His friends and neighbors appreciated him for this nature .He was sure that one day he will acquire all the things that he always wanted. He believed his capabilities and commitment towards his work.

He always wanted to go into software development. Coding and innovation was his favorite pass time. All the time he tried to find the better solution. Along with his study he used to learn the new technologies. After completing his study he went out to search a job but then he realized that how difficult to get a job but after so much struggle he got a small job in a small company. That company was having around 30 employees and all were fresher. The environment of that company was like a college only as all were coming directly from the colleges. He started enjoying his job. But one day the owner of that company declared that he was unable to give the salary due to some financial crises .As he was from the middle class family he could not afford the job that is unable to give him salary. He became very sad for a minute when the owner of that company declared it. But he didn’t lose the hope. He again started struggling for a job and soon he got a better job.

In his new job there were around 15 members and a manager in a team. Two members “Mr. Commitment” and “Mr. Selfish” were upper than the others in technical term. “Mr. Selfish” was not as good as “Mr. Commitment” in technical terms but knew better that how to show the work of other in his name. “Mr. Selfish” always asked the complicated problems from “Mr. Commitment” and presented the solution to his manager by his own name. “Mr. Commitment” understood all his clever intensions. But he remained silent as he believed to work hard .The manager of this team became very happy with “Mr. Selfish” because the presentation of the work of that guy was better. “Mr. Selfish” also having the dictatorship quality. He always showed to the team members that he was superior to other team members. By doing that he wanted to show to his manager that he is having all the qualities of a professional. “Mr. Commitment” never got the appreciation from his manager. His manager always abused him by saying that “this is not a good solution .it should be more accurate. “ According to the manager “Mr. Commitment” never analyze the things. But instead of getting annoyed “Mr. Commitment” took that positively and tried to do the best.

After a year there was an internal vacancy for a Technical Lead and his manager need to nominate one among the 15 team members. “Mr. Commitment” was thinking the he would nominate him as he was technically sound and always work hard. He became very sad when he knew that “Mr. Selfish” got nominated .Then he decided to ask his manager .He directly went to his manager and ask him that if he find any flaw in his work ?The manager smiled and told him “You don’t deserve this position. You should work hard”. The guy became very sad and he came back silently and stared to work hard again.

The time began to move and after six months a vacancy came for a project lead .Again the manager was only responsible person to nominate the name and this time too “Mr. Commitment” was expecting his name because now he has overcome his deficiencies but against to his expectation the manager nominate to “Mr. My Task” who always worked with the work assigned to him. “Mr. Commitment” again got frustrate and asked his manager .The manager again smiled and said “you don’t deserve to this position”. He became very sad and he thought not to argue with the manager and came back silently.

After 2 months, the manager called all the team members and announced that he was going to abroad and this the basic reason for that he was leaving the job. The team became very sad and asked who is going to replace his seat then the manager took the name of “Mr. Commitment”. “Mr. Commitment” became very much pleased and surprised with his manager’s decision. He could not stop himself to ask the manager about that surprising decision. He went to the manager and asked that “how can you make me manager while once I didn’t deserve to become a technical lead and project lead in your eye”. The manager smiled and replied. He said “”Mr. Selfish” to whom I made a technical lead deserved to become a technical lead as he always used to take help from others like you. As the responsibility of a technical lead says, he should be helpful. I gave him this responsibility because I wanted that he should know how to help others and further I made the guy a project lead because he always used to work on his assigned work only, he should learn the whole system for becoming a good IT professional. And you who are having all the qualities could not deserve such kind of work and most of the projects need you that’s why I announced you as a manager as you deserve to become a good manager and you are able to handle more than one task. I didn’t want that you should invest your whole time in one project only because there are many projects that need your help”.

After listening his manager’s reply the youth again asked that why he didn’t disclose to him that fact and continued telling him that he was not giving better solution and didn’t deserve this job.

Manager replied “ I wanted to check that how much patience you are having and you proved this when you went back silently and took my words positively because patience ,knowledge ,practice ,expertise and positive attitude make a perfect IT professional”.

“Mr. Commitment” now was very happy and gave thanks to God and never gave up his efforts

Career , Just Like That


  1. [FE].Zatak's Avatar
    one of d very few lengthy posts dat made me read full... ;)

    awesome post soumya
    keep posting
  2. shailendra's Avatar
    nice post...its motivational..thnx 4 post!
  3. raghu's Avatar
    Realy i never had an habit of studyng any post,but this one was very inspiring...
    Must say ,,realy it boosts us...
  4. munish's Avatar
    “Mr. Commitment” and me also Happy bcz its Nice post .

    Merci beaucoup!!!
  5. Saumya's Avatar
    Thank you guys..thanks a lot to all of you.. :d_happy_tired::Laie_45:
  6. jeetan's Avatar
    xcellent wrk dne .......soumya keep posting stuff like dis

  7. gagan2189's Avatar
    thats really a gud one.........
    keep it up
  8. simplop's Avatar
    fantastic narration ! kahan se dekha?????
  9. purohit1988's Avatar
    Thanks for the post
  10. vrishtisingh's Avatar
    An amazing, inspiring, motivational and fantastic story for a job seeker in IT field...Really it is an inspirational and success story , which motivates youth....who are struggling for a job or want to continue with their job...............!!!!!!!!!I

    I inspired................
  11. Sandeep_Devhare's Avatar
    nice its really motivational.............
  12. amitmhatre92's Avatar
    it doesnt happen in real world....