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Definition of Love?

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What is Love?:Jaison_2:

Love is when two people touch each other's soul.
Love is honesty and trust.
Love is helping one another.
Love is mutual Respect.
Loce means that difference can be worked out.
Love is reaching your dreams together.
Love is the connection of two hearts.

.........yours and mine!!
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  1. pradeepkumar's Avatar
    This Love Definition is good dear..
  2. Sakshi Dutta's Avatar
    nice one aaron..great definition of Love!
  3. shailendra's Avatar
  4. Ranjoygupta's Avatar
    nice one..........but these r just a things to say,,,,,in real life there is nothing like love...............................everybody today is mean and actually killed me......................................
  5. vrishtisingh's Avatar is really true meaning of love...and it happens in the real life also..... but u need to keep one thing in your mind that before going forward first judge where are you going, whether that person deserves you or not.... your thought process frequency matches or not.... Because one way relationship is never possible ....even it is true in other relationships rather than be careful......
  6. science4me's Avatar
    superb definition....
    those words r just for saying.....can't be adapted in real life
  7. Wooler's Avatar
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  8. Milessy's Avatar
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  12. Rishelek's Avatar
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