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Rotterdam,the second largest city in the Netherlands and largest port in Europe.... Common,don't get me wrong I have never been there.... My title is 'ROTE'RDAM.. I am feeling to take a dig at 'ROTERS'.... Better known as RATTU POPATS!!!
Since the First standard(feeling a pity on KG students) the race to top the exams was there among some students all over India.. The consequence,work harder study harder due to competition... More the competition harder the study!! This lead to a new phenomena in the last decade or so..The ROTE LEARNING concept... Jo mila wo ratlo,exam main aayega.... This lead to the so called HEALTHY COMPETITION in class... A competition in which only RATTUs survived.
The situation in my class was that among the top five.. first four were always fixed.. All did the same thing,RATTA..Today one is in IIT Powai,one in GMCH,doing MBBS..(Dont get me wrong they two were the most intelligent beings in our class.. Ratta thoda far mar lete the yar,kya kare rank lana tha na..)One guy a self-proclaimed INTELLO...For me he was a hype,nothing more than that.. I never believed in such worthless competition,I always studied for the examination a day before and for me my fifth rank was consolation and a tribute to those who like me didn't study In tenth boards,where a consistent study(readconsistent ratta) was needed,I was not even in the top ten after results.. No regrets,I blame it on my short term memory loss I never believed in that and so my performance was downgraded in tenth where THE RATTUPOPATs TOPPED... I always felt that these people would not survive in the long run... Many of my assumptions proved true in twelfth.. The remaining would be proved true after graduation..
As the title suggests.. rote learning blocks your thinking,it dams the flow of your thinking.Hence the name 'ROTE'RDAM... Tenth boards results were announced and a whooping 31 students from our single section were above 90.All the teachers were very happy.Obviously,the respective parents were also happy..Apna baccha hoshiyar were proclamations of many... Ya,who knew the destiny after two years.. Unfortunately,many succumbed to injuries(the INTELLO tag hurt them). Many tried for AIEEE/CET/IITJEE...Out of 31,very few have made some good mark out there... Two made it to IITs.. I am the only one at some NIT and only one took admission in a government medical college.. Now,what about the rest 27? Oops,not to forget one friend is doing CA.. The self proclaimed INTELLO,now nowhere in the horizon.. Out of 31,only two were above 90 in HSSC.. SEE THE DIP! This is not only about my class,it is the situation everywhere.... I realised some more things after coming to VNIT,the RATTUs I bet will manage to survive here as well.. The fault of our education system is that it makes RATTUPOPATs more than some true and deserving INTELLOs..It is mere the competition that makes it really tough to say who is an INTELLO.. I will not debate on whether an IITJEE top 500 is student is INTELLO or no... Man,they are very much INTELLOs... It is no joke to be AIR 500 in IITJEE... But my point is there are many in the shadows and we need to notice them as well... Reservation makes the matter worse.. But the thing is one cannot clap with a single hand.. Faults are both in the system and within us.. We can at least eradicate the faults within us..The time will come when the INTELLOs will be given more than what they deserve.. Hail the INTELLOs,not the POPATs...