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NIT Kurukshetra Campus Festival Blog

Literati 2012 -NIT Kurukshetra

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NIT Kurukshetra is going to present LITERATI 2012 on 1-4 MARCH 2012.

Literati 2012 represents the culmination of science, engineering and path-breaking technology. It not only helps you to showcase your technical affinity but also help you to build a strong inwardness of healthy competition with a coup d'oeil of the most lustrous minds across the nation.

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Since Sustainable Development is the greatest issue of our time so this year LITERATI focus on identifying promising practices, exploring technological outcomes and their evaluation in respect of Sustainable Development.

The four day extravaganza of events aims at forming a pudding stone of students who share a mutual passion for science, technology & management in a synaesthesia of exuberance and rejoice.
With 65+ Events and more than 10,000 participant and 50,000 people from all over the India, itís going to be historic again. Hefty Cash prizes will be on stake, Mark your presence as a participant, spectator and a witness.

Flagship Events od LITERATI 2012 :-
  • Excalibur- Software Development
  • Contraption- a Rube Goldberg Machine
  • Robowars :- Wars between Creative Robots
  • Roborynth:- Problem Statement Robot
  • Junkyard Wars:- Machines Could be made out from junk too.
  • Vidhwaan:-vivid idea with an aid to the viability
  • Wild Flower:- Melody of all the music instruments, make up for some divine music
  • Gamestation:- Makes the gamers come alive
  • Prayatan- a business plan

and there are many more.

For More Details, please Contact

Piyush Pruthi :- 9896600348
Pranshul:- 9991319753
Rupesh Tiwari:- 8930693383

Click here to know more- LITERATI 2012

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    Junkyard Wars seems interesting!