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Should social networking websites be banned at colleges and work place?

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Should social networking websites be banned at colleges and work place?

This is a question most often asked and debated upon! Most organizations and colleges today have either banned the popular social networking sites or provided limited access to their employees and students. The reasons organizations cite is that these websites directly affect the productivity of an employee and distract students. People check their profile, pictures of their friends more than once during the day and this leads them to spending less quality time at work. No wonder Facebook was one of the top most visited sites in 2010.
While we may agree to the usage limit of these sites, but you cannot really make someone work harder by banning these sites as he will find a way out anyway. He will spend most of his time away from his desk playing carom or TT or simply watching TV in the office cafeteria. Whereas someone who loves to work will finish his work as per the deadline no matter whatever access he has got to whichever sites.

The problem that most organizations face is around productivity. Some employees are too keen on chatting and updating the latest pictures that they forget they might be missing a deadline or forgetting to pick the next task or leave some task unfinished! These employees may not participate in training and learning sessions and may not add any value to the organization.

I personally feel that banning is not the solution. Instead there should be limited access and the company should have policies around performance. If there is a decline in performance, the root cause should be analyzed and then the solution found will be meaningful. After all, having to work hard does not mean that you have to stay away from family and friends. The occasional phone call or a casual chat is fine just to keep stress away from you! After all, family and friends are the ones who will stay with you and given the hectic schedule today, there is hardly any time left after work. I know friends who remain online but wonít ping you because they are hardly on that page. So, it basically an individual decision of working/chatting.

Banning is not an answer but monitoring is! Telling the employees the dos and doníts is important.

Social networking in todayís busy life is essential as you know about what is happening around through news feeds, status messages and so on. It is a breather in fact. It helps you get in touch with old friends and acquaintances and is especially useful if you are travelling for work purposes. Most organizations would arrange for accommodation for their employees but some donít. It is where social networking comes handy.

It is, as mentioned before, important to train employees and specially the younger lot that he or she is accountable for what he/she does. Time management should be part of every training.


  1. software-engineer's Avatar
    Here are my 2 cents on this SENSITIVE issue!

    During office hours/working hours, let us concentrate on work. Do the best. Spend rest of the time with friends and family. As you said, one has to be accountable for what he/she does. Organisation is paying us for the work we do and not for estabilishing or maintaining the relationship. If we really balance the work/family/social life, we will have good time for all and we can enjoy the life thoroughly. Just put yourself in the place of a Entrepreneur, you are recruiting the resources to work for you. Their contribution during their working hours have direct impact in your business. Will you apply the same rule to them and allow them to spend their time in social networking sites ?
  2. akchadha's Avatar
    Social sites must certainly be banned in colleges and university campuses.Students waste a lot of time doing meaningless stuff over there that's very irritable indeed. Engineers usually kill a lot of time in their university days and these sites have added to all that. Young boys n girls are giving false information on these sites just to impress others & attract attention.

    In offices, though it's ban in most of the places, it wudn't matter much as only persons with no work only, spend time on such sites.
  3. [FE].Zatak's Avatar
    ban ban ban ban :p :p
    time waste.
  4. MANOJ1775's Avatar
    i accept that but having access to the social network sites will tempt the persons ,that is they r crazy every time to see wat is going on and they wastes time,there is a possibility that they even loose the conc on the i think banning is the best choice
  5. MANOJ1775's Avatar
    :l_clock:i accept what u said but by experience i can say that having the acces to the social networks tempt the persons ,i mean to say that most of them are crazy to see what is going on,they simply wastes the time in that .there is a possibility to loose the conc in the work and it results in the out come
  6. aaron's Avatar
  7. Manoj's Avatar
    YEAH it should be banned because people are addicted to this...............
  8. Puneeth Leader's Avatar
    The aim behind social networking is to have a communication through out the world and find what happening .but now a days these networks become chit chats and time pass sites .Banning these sites is a temporary solution .Instead limited access to these sites is a good idea as off now.
  9. crazybishnoi29's Avatar
    banned... but for specific period,,, only two or three peak hours....
  10. minhaj's Avatar
    It doesn't matter whether they want to band or not .we have our own ways
  11. coolyahiya's Avatar
    its ture dat we waste a lot of time on social networking sites, n if we think about future , its not wrong to band these sites in office or colleges, there is another way to deal dis problem, if colleges or offices will allow to access for a certain time period every day , like we will lunch time or break time ... like dat if colleges allow their students to acess these site daily for half an hour .... it will be very helpful for students as well as teachers
  12. vibhu rastogi's Avatar
    i think that..somehow..and somewhere..the availability of such sites in any organization will always create a beneficial environment for both ,for an entrepreneur as well as for an employee.And Also the Supportive and Friendly nature of an administrator will always enhance and motivates an employee's performance.
    So, I think, it will not be so harmful or irrelevant to have access to Social Networking Sites at college or Office ...!! Thank u ..