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This is the poem that i wrote once when i feeling really depressed during my college days...

Sometimes the world seems to be upside down,
You want to smile but all you do is frown.
To all the problems you want to say good-bye,
But they don't go away, they are a pain in the eye.

The burden of my aspirations at times go high,
I feel restless but all i do is sigh.
Troubles will be there but you have to steer your way out,
Be strong at odd times and this is what life is all about.

In times of crisis the belief in myself grows to an another extent,
I may have faltered but the spirit has never bent.
The STRONG faces the turbulence with the mighty heart,
All BAD things come to an end and there is always a fresh start.

I am on the course and the destination is near,
I'll have my dreams achieved, I've nobdy to fear.
I can foresee into the time and see the bright,
Only those achieve success who scale the height.
Just Like That


  1. jeetan's Avatar
    grrt wrk...
  2. jilukv2's Avatar
    awesome....i just feel it my college days..
  3. BullSheep's Avatar
    Hi, nice poem! When I was in college, I fell in love with a girl and wrote poems in her honor. I didn't have enough courage to date her even though we were already 19. So she got married and I threw away my works.
  4. Shirt circuit's Avatar
    Oh, I feel so sorry for you. To lose one's love because of simple shyness is a real shame! So you need to come to next time. Now I think you are far older than 19 and will never be so unsure of yourself when dating. So sooner or later we all must start relying on ourselves.