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hIiii eVeRy1 tHoUgH I dOnT whAt Is gOiNg oN On ThiS sItE

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ThiS iS mE ,
LikE EvEryTeeNAger i hAD My dReAmS tOo.. aCtUaLLy i Dont ReAAly rEmEmbEr Any Of ThOsE wHeN I jOIneD A EnGineeRiN ColL ,, NeVeR kNeW wHaT It waS rEaLLy All aBot BuT aFtEr SeeIN evErY1 aRoUnD., thINg I cAME TO kNoW wAs tHAt ThiS iSs nOt fOr Me.. oHH nOw tHeRe Is no tImE lEfT 4 rEgrETTin ,, tHoUgH i DiD pREtty weLL in My 1ST SEm ,bUt sTill 7 MorE , i tHiNk w'll gEt uSed tO it ,
tHiS tHIng iS gEttin Too BoRIn ... mAy bE EverY 1 ExPeRieNceS sAmE DuRiN 1ST 2 yEArS .. I tHinK i Need tO Go w'll CaRRy On lAtEr WiTh SomE tInG iNtReStIn ,Coz ThE 1ST IntRo.. iS gOin ToO dEpRessiN ,,

k ,,
hOpE EvEry1 wHo rEadS ThiS beComES a GreAt EngInEEr.....:whatever_01:


  1. FaaDoO-Engineer's Avatar
    Hey sankalp..we can understand sometimes things dont turn up as we anticipate them to be..

    Hopefully will add that extra spice into your engineers life! Good luck and wish you all the best
  2. [FE].Zatak's Avatar
    things definitely will turn up bright dude.. no worries ;)
    Updated 27th February 2011 at 03:36 PM by [FE].Zatak
  3. Ranjoygupta's Avatar
    dude, dont take any tension.............its not neccessary to get everything in our life that we want....................