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Life is a Journey - Live it with Joy

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Life and its journey:

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ID:	38092Since childhood, we are living a Life of others, not ours. At the end of this blog you would agree to me.

Since we started walking or actually thinking our parents guide us to do things which are good and things which are bad and not to do. Without applying any logic we blind follow it.
We grow with time and the factor of changing mindset, shift from parents to society.
Now when we are grown up we follow societal rules and obey them. Most of us are like a sheep, who is walking and walking with the guidance of our Shepherd.

For few the role of Shepherd is being played by religion as well. But thats not the life we want to live or actually we dreamed of. Everyone of us wish to do great and be great, or atleast most of us had the dream to follow, but actually we do not follow it, we dont have the strength to dis-obey our Shephard, we dont have guts to be a trend-setter, we are sheep and we are destined to walk.

Very few choose to walk the journey in their own way, without the guidance of Shepherd and most of them are maybe not successful but all of them are Happy. Living a Happy Life, following their dreams and journey.

Life is a Journey and we all have to walk through it, but its on our hand whether we wish to walk, with the influencing factor like Shepherd or on our own way. The choice is ours and so the happiness.

comments and feedback's are most welcomed.


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