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CANDID - Photography

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Candid photography
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Being an photographer, most of the time people asked me, do you take candid photos as well, please do take candid photo's of me /us.

I am sure most of us are unaware about the term candid, through this Blog let me explain you what exactly candid moments and candid photography is all about.

A lot of people (and shockingly many photographers) understand Candid Wedding Photography as the following

1. Making the couple do poses where they look funny instead of romantic

2. Shooting the couple with a back-light

3. Shots of jewelry , mehendi and eyes

4. Big closeups taken with a 70-200 lens

5. Shots of the couple popular among western wedding photographers

Nothing is candid about this. Many photographer's are calling all this as Candid Photography. I get that, they want to create confusion and charge many for the same stuff they have been doing over the years. However a lot of the new breed of photographers are doing this in the name of Candid Photography.

Its difficult to get amazing candid moments , you need to be alert , deeply involved and have a keen understanding of what it is that you are shooting and have a sense of timing.

I have nothing against this type of faux Candid photography. Please don't call this Candid Photography. Its very difficult not to be sarcastic when a bride or groom asks me - ' Aap Candid Wale Pose Karwate Ho Na ?'

Now, please if you are a PHOTOGRAPHER and wish to click candid Photo's do follow following things:

1. Get involve with the couple or individual

Talk to them/him, be friend with him, ask many questions, try to familiarize with him. Show empathy not sympathy. Gain trust. Once the subject (Couple or Individual) gets close to you, shows more trust on you, would talk about lot more stuff, would be more open o you. Mean while you can click his mood, expressions.

2. Dont try to Frame pose

Candid photo's are natural, do not ever try to ask them to do artificial pose. Artificial would remain artificial and Natural shots are always superior.

3. Give them free breathing space.

Ask them to roam, or talk with each other or do anything. Just a random walk, by this you are giving them a breathing space, where you might get an opportunity to click some candid moments.

4. Its not only about being funny

Candid photography is not only being funny or capturing funny moments, its about feelings. How you connect. At times just the look will do.

5. Be always ready

Being a photographer you might get few seconds only to click some real good shots, so while you are interacting be camera ready. The actual moment wont come again.

Dont wish to get into more detailing, but now I hope before you ask a photographer to click candid photo's you will understand what candid is. And if you are a photographer you can justify your work.

For any questions or doubt please message me on my FB page: FRAMES


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