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muskan choudhary

story of a innocent girl

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hey every 1... i m going to tell u a real life based story of a innocent girl.. so r u ready??
she was my bestie.. she was a cutest girl in her child hood.. she didnt know anything abt world.. she was just living her life like nothing.. her mother didnt let her go to school. beacause they were living in a village and her mother had to do chores and work on farm also.. so she used to help her mother.. actually she was alone in her world. because as her mother used to say that if a girl dont have any friend then she is the best she was busy in her life..every 1 used to love her. she dont have attechment to her familly member...
thats it for today... i'll tell u tomorrow rest story.. gd nit..

Updated 1st May 2014 at 12:35 AM by muskan choudhary

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