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let us think..

about love

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what do you think ... about love in teenage
please give reply.. frnds.
i am getting confused..


  1. Shirt circuit's Avatar

    Well I hope that since then you have grown up and are not at least 18. Because real love can only be possible when you an an adult. Before that it is all just sympathy, period.
  2. Shirt circuit's Avatar
    I meant that I hoped that you were NOW at least 18. My son started dating girls only at 21, before that he was studying hard. But when his time came to get married, he started dating girls and found his regular girlfriend there. Although at the end of the day we both decided it was too early for him to marry.
  3. Chims1993's Avatar
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  4. Rishelek's Avatar
    It's totally normal for teenagers to date, it's just the hormones taking over. They will start normal relationships once they get older and discover that you can flirt with girls online. If you don't know about websites that offer this functionality, click here to see a good list. Once you register on these dating websites, you will forget what it's like to be alone.
  5. Dav1d2S's Avatar
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  6. Xanasoka's Avatar
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  7. Batardo's Avatar
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  8. kira575's Avatar
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  9. linda67's Avatar
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