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Abdullah Saghir Ahmad

Final Year Project : Smart Irrigation System

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India is an agricultural country. Agriculture is the primary source of livelihood in rural areas. In our country 64% cultivated land is dependent on monsoons and we receive heavy rainfalls of short duration.

If not by excessive rainfall, farmers sometimes over-irrigate their fields. Excessive watering damages the crops and reduces the quality and quantity of the crops. Water shortage leads to below average crop yields. Thus, these two states cause an instability in the output levels of the crops.

Moreover, about 70% of our population depends on agriculture and one-third of our national income comes from agriculture. So, in order to utilize our resources efficiently we need a system that ensures proper irrigation and the quality of the crops. And that system is the 'Smart Irrigation System'.


● In addition to the usage of solar panels for powering the motors our system allows water in the fields only when the fields are dry, thereby, avoiding any crop damage due to over irrigation (& under irrigation) and conserving electricity by the use of solar panels.

● It uses harvested rain water (initially) to irrigate the fields, thereby, conserving water and electricity.

● It is a zero carbon emission project.

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