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paper presentation

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I m new to this faadooengineers, I m planning to do some paper presentation on topics related to industrial engineering. the thing is i'm nt able to pick up a topic.Pls suggest some goood unov topic on wich i can proceed on.
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  1. paulijennifer's Avatar
    The Paper Presentation is for those who aspire for juries, or those with analytical scrutiny of some recent case is their paper presentation. Another style of competition, Paper Presentation requires writing and researching a legal article and presenting it for a judging panel. There are many other competitions which one can join online on such as the Online Writing Competition which requires you to write a 500-word brief on the topic. One can also participate in a public forum such as a blog forum where one can participate in an interview with an expert in the same subject.
    One has to ensure that the paper presentation is well presented to the audience which should be considered carefully. The presentation should be considered in terms of presenting the content in the most effective manner possible. One has to give enough time to the audience to absorb all the information on the slide.
  2. Batardo's Avatar
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  3. stanleytopson's Avatar
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  5. davidwilly's Avatar
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