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calculations on gear and screw jack.

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1. An engine running at 150rpm drives a line shaft by means of a belt and driving/driven pulleys of 750/450mm in diameter. If the shaft drives a dynamo via another belt with driving/driven pulleys 900/150mmin diameter, determine the dynamo shaft. Assume belt thickness of 5mm and a shaft of 2% at each drive.

2. A chain drive is used for reduction of speed from 240rpm to 120rpm. If the number of teeth of the driving sprocket is 20. The pitch circle diameter of the driven sprocket is 600mm and the center to center distance between the sprockets is 800mm. determine the pitch and length of the chain.

3. Design a spin gear with pitch of 25mm each required to connect two parallel shaft if one of the shaft will run at 360rpm while the other at 120rpm. Take 600mm as design distance between the shafts.

4. A load of 10kN is raised by means of a square threaded screw jack with a force of 100N applied at the end of a lever. If the jack has a pitch of 12mm and mean diameter of 50mm, taking coefficient of friction as 0.15, determine the length of the lever and show that this system is self locking otherwise.