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Is coaching required for IIT JEE preparation?

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A lot of students aim for IIT since it is the pinnacle of science and engineering education in India, most students these days prefer joining coaching classes whilst others opt for self-study. Amongst these massive was to prepare for IIT JEE arises the confusion of whatís the best way of doing so, should you join any coaching classes, or should you opt for online coaching or should you just buy books and study yourself.
Amongst these various options here are the pros and cons for each of them.

Joining coaching classes

The most opted method by far, joining coaching enables you to a whole lot of prospects. Students get tailor made material for the preparation, text books, shortcuts, notes and lessons on various topics. Another advantage is that they get an environment that suits and motivates them to stay on top of their game. Coaching centers usually have Online JEE Test Series organized on national levels; students can take part in them and get a clear idea of where they stand in the competition. Apart from that the benefit of consulting onboard faculty and get solutions to problems and difficulties in understanding various concepts is highly beneficial.

Online coaching classes and programs

A relatively new concept but is catching quite an attention and why not, after all itís the best way to go forth. Online coaching and study material offers all the advantages of coaching classes along with the added advantages of time-saving, increased efficiency. Online courseware provides you all that is required to excel in the entrance exam i.e. tailor made course material to effectively convey and deliver lessons in an easy way, 24*7 assistance from faculty on various problems faced by the students, JEE Test Series, the ability to spend the desired amount of time on a particular topic and re-visit to make the understanding better, videos and graphical content to easily comprehend tough topics, counseling sessions with desired faculty to stay motivated and be on the top of your game.


A lot of students like to study themselves without any assistance from external sources. This method is rather time consuming and is not very effective taking in account the competition that has intensified in the last decade. Students have to spend a lot of time and money in collecting various JEE Books, and then there is no extra assistance apart from regular school hours to understand tough concepts. This method often proves ineffective, it was the only option quite a long time ago but those days have passed and now there is lot to do and too little time.
Well, itís clear that online courseware stands winner among all the various ways to prepare for IIT with its easy and anytime access, 24*7 assistance and video lessons.