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5 Startups that help you to save your money

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Nowadays numerous results oriented and dynamic individuals are interested to start their own ventures but hold back thinking of the investment that is to be made.

There are to some good ideas that certainly help you earn money with little investment or with nil investment. Some of the ideas are listed hereunder.

1. Search Engine optimization consultancy (SEO)

If you are interested to be an internet marketer, you can very well think of starting this type of business. The consultants in this field are experts in marketing internet strategies.

India is a good market for this type of business as most of the people in this country have good access to internet. You can see the number of websites and blogs that are being created every day.

The number is so much, but some only survive. The reason behind this is lack of knowledge about marketing the websites and blogs. You need not invest much in this business and it is quite easy to set up the start-up. Some institutions are imparting training to persons who do not know how to start an SEO.

2. How about a small grocery shop

You do not require any special skill or talent to start a small grocery shop. The investment is also less if you are interested. Start as a small shop then expand gradually.

3. eBay Trading

Nowadays online trading has become popular as most of the people do not have time to go and purchase from a store or so. e-bay trading is one of the popular trading sites that most people use to purchase things online. It is quite easy to be a trader on e-bay.

You need to purchase some items on cheap rates and sell online after adding your profit and other miscellaneous charges.

You can get good prices for your product by putting the product in auction and allow the consumers to bid. Only thing is that you have to spare more time to know about the position of the latest bid.

4. Jewelry making

This is another start up that requires very low investment. Indians have a craze for jewelleries.You can maximum utilize this if you are interested in this profession.

There are training classes for jewelry making and you can very well start your own business by making jewelry and selling them. You have so many options in this field.

You need to design the jewel, as it is an artificial, gold, or platinum. The dealer provides the raw materials and your Duty is to design the product. The start-up that requires no investment.

5. Wedding Planning

All Indians are very particular about their wedding and everybody wants to make their wedding day a memorable one. If you are capable and have the initiative, you can very well start the business with a low investment.

You have to rent a place first and create a net work of customers in your locality. It is a onetime investment and you can earn good amount of money as brokerages.

6. Catering business

Catering business is another one that requires low investment. You need only a small space to start the business initially. Prepare delicious dishes and arrange to serve.

You have great opportunities to flourish in this business if you manage the business properly. Your profit margin will be high also. You have to make a onetime investment only.


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