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My Experience with Fresher Engineers Batch - IT Industry

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Hi All,

I would like to share my experience working with the Freshers Batch.

I was part of CTAS Migration Project for DB. It was started with me and Kadharbasha who had almost 3+ yrs. of experience. As the deadlines were nearing, we needed few more people. Due to the shortage of expreienced resource, I decided to have some freshers in the team.

Newbies joined us in April and they were trained on Java, J2EE. By the time they started TIBCO, we were in need of resources and decided to take the fresher team. I was bit reluctant to take freshers in the team, but with my previous experience, I had a confidence that we all can make it (by giving On project training). WE got 5 resources out of which one resource had 3 mths. experience and other 4 were new. They are:

1. Tonoy Bhatta
2. Suresh Subramanian
3. Devaray Kamat
4. Girija Kalappanavar
5. Soumyashree Mallick

I had following points in my mind before getting them inside:

1. Understand that the people are pretty new to the environment
2. Make them understand conceptually and then make them to learn the tool

Expectations that was on the team:

1. I understand that they are freshers and they cannot be freshers for a very long time.

Day 1: We spent around 1 day to tell them how and what about EAI.
Day 2: Basic knowledge about TIBCO by giving them the understanding on how the tool really maps with the requirement1
Day 3 & 4: Small real time assignment and assess
Day 5: Give the project requirement and tell them how they have to do it.

I was surprised to see the 5th day output, they were very well able to understand and develop by mapping the requirements.

People started developing the interfaces that was already developed by us. Then we gave the interfaces that was originally developed and asked them find the gaps between their version and old developed version.

Within one week, they were able to pickup very well and started developing the interfaces. At a point they were testing some interfaces which I could challenge even the professional testers.

Now, the team is responsible to support the QA Testing. They responds to the requests.

Following are my opinion on building the project with freshers:

1. Trust them that they can do it.
2. Give them the conceptual understanding. For an example, if we say Transaction management, tell them why they need it with real time examples. However, this is not going to change with any tool.
3. Keep motivating them.
4. Make them responsible. You just oversee them.
5. Keep sharing your experience on what good and bad you had come across in the projects

If someone says that you don't have time to do the above, then it would be better to have somebody guiding them.

PS: People will be very playful like how they were in college, it's our resonsibility to bring them under control.
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  1. shailendra's Avatar
    gud post..
  2. Neeraj Pujari's Avatar
    very well said ..