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Many people consider Western nations to be happy. They equate happiness to several factors. For example, the Western population has up-to-date democracy with low rate of unemployment, access to basic needs, good education and comprehensive health cover. With regard to modern technology, they boast of fast access to services and current facilities. Moreover, most of the current expertise emanates from investigations in their countries. However, it was disclosed that Western nations constitute unhappy people. It is important to highlight that happiness does not occur because of the presence of wealth, but the state of one’s mind. The following paper examines why Westerners are unhappy.

First and foremost, these countries are characterized by fast-moving life. In essence, people spend their entire life trying to earn a living. For example in the United States, a person can spend up to nineteen hours a day for his career. Such kind of lifestyle prohibits the interaction between people. Since a relationship is a source of joy for an individual, a person who dedicates every single day to work does not enjoy his life. Great joy comes with harmonious relationships where people have time to meet each other and exchange ideas. With this busy life hardly do they get time to take part in social activities, such as ball games, swimming and storytelling among others. A family can live together in the same house, spending several months without having a meal or a conversation. The lifestyle also exposes them to stress and depression. Cases of depression and suicide are ubiquitous in Western countries. In fact, chronic diseases, such as cardiac arrest and hypertension, are prevalent in this prosperous part of the world.

The role of religion in defining one’s happiness is vital. Recent research indicates that every person believes in a higher being to which he attributes one’s success. However, the concept is not highly esteemed in society. For example, Christians believe in God as the ultimate source of happiness. Therefore, they seek Him and adhere to Him. Nevertheless, Western people put a lot of emphasis on celebrity as a mark of their fulfillment. These iconic figures are also wallowing in a pool of self-pity. The rising number of atheists in Western countries is of concern.

Western countries are progressively losing their firm moral standing. Decent values are rare as it is evident by rising cases of prostitution, abortions, murder, drug abuse and other illicit behaviors. Moreover, these nations record the highest number of people in prison at a defined time. Consequently, people live in fear and loneliness. For example, homicide cases have been rampant in Europe. Most parents also complain about the ungovernable nature of their children. It is apparent that happiness emerges in a harmonious co-existence of a community. In other words, immorality negates liberal associations.

Technology has had a tremendous effect on the livelihood of Western citizens. Most of their constructive time is spent on social media, video games, watching movie series among others. They overload this precious time with unavailing actions, and their personal development ceases. They lose direction towards their well being, destroying self-identity. Therefore, they cannot find happiness within themselves. The emptiness within them has been a source of unhappiness.

It is evident that happiness is a far fetched reality in Western nations. Modernization and technology have contributed to people’s under-satisfaction. In fact, it has increased stress. One must realize that happiness does not depend on external factors only. Consequently, everyone is responsible for his own achievement of a joyful and well-balanced state of mind.
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