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College Days Relived - Reminiscence of a Software Engineer

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College Days are wild period between school day's innocence and work-life responsibility. I was blessed for an evening, to relive those days, when either the ground under your feet or sky over head doesn't seem to be strong enough to hold onto your wildness, you damn care about the guy next you, you believe you're born to own everything around you. I re-lived every moment of my wildness for the entire evening starting with the fun games, where my team won and lost on more than one occasion, the whole thing became more fun-filled when we first lost then won and finally ended up losing the game, hard luck team

The fusion by the band was stunning, Hosanna took me back to Chennai, ECR Road. Besides, where are on earth do you find a senior most guy giving a playback for the wet behind ears. The bantering of Chinese and Americans was hilarious, on a serious note; I would like to share with you all, what I heard about Chinese software engineer. Actually, my friend who’s being relocated to China, shared his experience of working with Chinese graduate trainees. According to him, it turns out that Chinese graduates are far more technically well-versed than an entry-level IT professional in India, Chinese graduate trainees are quite sure of when to declare a local and global variable and they declare every variable so judiciously that the heap always looks neat and clean, during the conversation, my friend and I recollected how we used to declare all variables global and spend late- nights debugging the code with bunch of logger statements trying to figure out the values being assigned to those variables. I guess, in that sense Chinese IT professional might through up a tough challenge for us to keep our jobs non-fungible and may make the whole software coding stuff look as easy as cutting the cucumber.

There was an element of glamour attached to my first job, which I took up in 2004, I never felt bored being at office, not because I had a Miss Universe turned Project Manager as my boss, more so because my office faced exactly on to the other side of NIFT-Hyderabad (a fashion institution). So there was never a dearth to find the in-thing happening in the fashion world and I always managed to get the pass for the institute’s annual-day. Oh, Boy! if you ever want to witness the glamour on this earth then manage a pass to annual day of your city NIFT, and the best way to get one is through the canteen guy in NIFT for that matter even if you want to enter into any of the women's college, strike a friendship with the canteen guy and the rest would fall in place.

The fashion show I witnessed in Hungama appeared to me as miniature version of the one I used to witness in NIFT and throughout the show, I wondered if the models were really part of my companies practice or they being hired, I liked the pujari in saffron attire the most. Tell you what! The beauty of being in IT industry is.. one gets to meet and interact with people from all over the country and being able to mutually appreciate and acknowledge the differences and I believe the fashion show testified that fact.

Gatherings like Hungama throws up some kind of serendipity at you and Hungama was an exceptional for me as I got to meet my old-pal, the guy with whom I started my career, Gee, It's always pleasure for me to meet him and more so to realize that he too works for the same team at my company, I learnt a great deal from him both professionally and personally and I look forward to work and learn from each one of you , till we all meet again together, DITCHKY!!

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