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Hidden Themes In Windows 7

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Windows 7 by default has only few themes available for customization. People who are not satisfied with these in build themes can get few more themes for Windows 7 which are actually hidden. These themes are available for certain regional countries such as Australia, Canada, Great Britain, United States and South Africa. These themes can be revealed and used by the following steps.

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1. Open Windows Explorer and click Organize

2. Select Folder and Search Options and navigate to the View tab.

3. Select Show hidden files, folders and drivers and uncheck Hide protected operating system files (Recommended). Click Yes, if prompted for confirmation.

4. Click OK and now browse to the folder: Windows\Globalization\MCT

5. There are five folders here with the name with format MCT-XX (where XX is AU, CA, GB, US, or ZA) which represents globalization settings for each region. Go into the folder that you want to activate its theme.
Note that AU, CA and ZA regions have the same themes.

6. Open the Theme folder inside the selected region folder.

7. Double click on the XX.theme file to apply the theme to the Windows 7 desktop system. Once a theme is executed and activated, the theme will be available and saved into Personalization options, so that user can select this theme directly from the personalization settings.

8. Now to go to Folder Options to reverse the first 5 steps to hide the hidden and protected system files and folders again.

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ENJOY GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. [FE].Zatak's Avatar
    Hey man.. thnx for dis.. never know dis .. tfs
  2. rohitjindal_2008's Avatar
  3.'s Avatar
    thanks guys.............. !!!!
    happy to help
  4. mihir23192's Avatar
    Thanks Buddyy...........
  5. rohitjindal_2008's Avatar
  6. Manoj's Avatar
    it's a nice stuff...... thanx.
  7. shikhar's Avatar
    there is no folder such as globalisation..... if i am correct.
  8.'s Avatar
    unhide the files and folders
    if it isn't present
    then your OS is either pirated or the build 8000 or below
  9. munish's Avatar
    really it's nice stuff bro.
  10.'s Avatar
    Yea thanks homie
  11. anujmishra's Avatar
    thanks , if u havve more like that , then share it.....


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