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Facebook Mesmerising one and all..Is it the new Microsoft?

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Facebook has become a global phenomenon and overcome every other website or service on the internet. 500 Million+ users and a growth rate of as high as 40% in countries like India & China is enough to assert the fact that Facebook is going to remain the king of internet for a while! One of the best features about Facebook is that users can create and add their own applications which other users can use and “Like”.

Not only this, engineers at Facebook have even come up with their own modified scripting languages like FBML (Facebook Mark-up Language) which is like an advanced modified version of HTML. Also there is FBJS (Facebook JavaScript) which is analogous to the normal JavaScript, and then we also have the FQL (Facebook Query Language) which is analogous to SQL.

With such a large base of 500 Million plus users and such a strong platform, developers have taken to FB application development like a fish to water.

Even we at have made a “supercool” (read FaaDoO) Facebook application for all our FaaDoO Engineers out there. This application enables the user to take a test(no this is not some shi.tty engineering test! But instead a cool test, with even cooler questions!), and on the basis of the answers the user gives, as well on the basis of his profile he/she will get rated and starred as a 5,4,3,2,or 1-Star FaaDoO Engineer.

You can try this application here: The FaaDoO Engineer Application on Facebook

Take this FaaDoO Test, get your rating and post it here..! Let’s see who is the FaaDoOest..!!

Faila do FaaDoOGiri...!!
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  1. [FE].Zatak's Avatar
    done ... 4 star FE