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Who is your ROLE MODEL??

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Role Models are outstanding individuals who contribute back to life! They are - champions of champions!

World of Sports has great examples of role models. Let’s check this out –> Sachin Tendulkar & Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev & John McEnroe, Roger Federer & Rod Laver, Serena Williams & Zina Garrison, Yelena Isinbayeva & Sergey Bubka, Lewis Hamilton & Ayrton Senna … What a pattern!!! …True dreamer doers in the crowd!

As preschoolers, when we start dreaming, focus is on occupations of persons we meet in daily life – doctor, nurse, teacher, driver, policeman, pilot, chef, painter, cartoonist, cricketer, athlete, scientist… The list of potential careers grow as we get older and learn more about the many different things people do in business, education, engineering, science, agriculture, government,… But we still tend to focus on careers/titles held by other persons we know personally or recognize from newspapers, magazines, television or other media…

When we start working, the list either starts growing or fading depending on how we take the calling! But, champions narrow their list as they grow older and reduce it to one or two, at the most! Why is this so?

It seems champions choose champions’ achievements as their model – the results – successes, failures; accomplishments, the relentless approach, tools, techniques, methodologies, learning…. and model their own self (role) around the same…. So essentially, transform themselves into their role models! See the difference – most of us go after the occupations/titles of our role models and champions go after the essentials that made their role model!

Lucky some will have their role models as mentors! This can be a divine combo – a sure shot formula for being a champion dreamer doer!

How do we get this working for us at work?

As Edwin Moses explained -
“Young people are active role models for other young people. Success is aspirational. A young person aspiring to achieve the successes of a sporting hero has learned an important life lesson. However, the immediate influence of an older brother, friend or young peer mentor is a powerful constant in a young person’s development and therefore an important consideration for projects wanting to have a positive impact on young people’s lives.”
Our own O2 champions may be the right set to start with!

Look around! Finding and adopting champions in our own crowd as Role Models, more so as Mentors might help us create more dreamer doers …

and in Transforming ourselves into Role ModelsIndividuals who contribute back to life!

What do you think? Who is your role model? Is he/she your mentor too?

Updated 28th March 2011 at 05:45 PM by software-engineer

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  1. rohitjindal_2008's Avatar
  2. sciengprof's Avatar
    I feel my ideal soul,body and mind is my best and always reliable role model for me.
  3. vrishtisingh's Avatar
    Parents.........they always ready to give any kind of happiness to their child....
  4. GeorgeNelms's Avatar
    There are lots of people around the universe who are role models and follow them for good life experiences. I have found the trusted help on your blog about the role model article quite beneficial keep posting more cv writing companies stuff always. Thumbs up with the trusted material and keep posting.