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how to check wether my gf is nt cheating me..

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just check it out dat engineering is a fashion nw nd gf r the status symbol bt what to do when flirting convert into love...just check the location , contact , messages , call logs of ur gf.
so ny1 tell me d way........................using gps , surveillance or ny application.....:Laie_53:


  1. Manoj's Avatar
    Ans .. U can check just opposite ans of ur question...... :tatice_06:
    1. a woman that is IN LOVE is VERY less likely to cheat.
    2. a woman who is in a CONSTANT affair with another man will be able to stabilize her mood and hide her guilt better in time. You may never be able to tell if its an ongoing thing with another man and if she is in a relationship with you.
    3. A woman who has cheated out of the blue, randomly, and for the first and the last time with a man, she will feel guilty and... * If you live with her, you can tell she is getting less intimate.
    * She will keep Either ONLY her FRIENDS( ladkiyo) texts with no male friend text at all OR no text in the inbox at all. If she used to keep texts in her phone and suddenly started deleting them, then thats a sign. * If she all of a sudden set up a password for her phone. * If she wont let you go through her photo albums on her phone...
    * When you low key confront her, she acts as if you ACCUSED her of cheating like ''how do you expect that from me?'' etc. If she reacts too much * If she suddenly stands up and walks around, getting phyically farther and farther * If she out of nowhere, starts to go through YOUR phone, your computer, asking you questions about your whereabouts as if she doesnt believe you or she suspects that you are cheating on her.. she is PROJECTING her own behavior... * If she gets detached and when you ask whats wrong, she gets defensive * If she NEVER makes plans together anymore or cancel YOUR plans you made with her in advance,
    * If she doesnt laugh at your jokes as she used to... She might be cheating. Also women who cheat get defensive in the face of even the slightest confrontation or a sarcastic remark by their man. They accuse their men of being macho, overprotective and jealous type if they are being asked questions related to their guilt.
    Updated 30th March 2011 at 03:13 AM by Manoj
  2. konvict1947's Avatar
    oh manoj u hs a deep knowledge abt plz explain in engi terms nt in psychological terms.........
  3. [FE].Zatak's Avatar
    epic thread!! lol
  4. saloni's Avatar
    hahaha!!! must see fr every guy! BTW [MENTION=381]Manoj[/MENTION]- you seem to have a PHD on this topic!
  5. Batardo's Avatar
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  6. Rishelek's Avatar
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