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Don't KISS me..! (a mindless poem from a hopeless poet!)

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a mindless poem from a hopeless poet...
ook I know
Iím attractive n all
Hard to resist
But please control yourself

When I sit in my pilot seat
A chequered muffler across my nose
Squinting eyes
Intense with bidi smoke
I know you want to

You can enjoy pretense
Brush your fingers
When I change gears.
Maybe pour me lote se paani
Old school ishtyle
But lissun miss


  1. Anudeep Reddy's Avatar
    Nice 1... keep going.. )
  2. [FE].Zatak's Avatar
    ah!! so nice...
  3. akchadha's Avatar
  4. Shirt circuit's Avatar
    A really nice poem, but I think you still have a lot of room for improvement. You need to practice more and more before you create anything meaningful. Try to start writing essays.
  5. BullSheep's Avatar
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