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Hard Work & Determination - My Friends INSPIRING Story...

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I never thought of that how much hard work & determination can be passion for someone until I come across one such person. Almost 11 years ago, I came to Delhi for MCA. We were four friends, staying together in Kilokari Village near by Maharani Bagh. We were not having mobile phone those days and used to talk with our family from a STD booth nearby. Where in STD booth, a young boy aged around 17-18 was working. In few days, we got familiar with that boy and came to know that he was from Almora district in Uttarakhand and had left his home 6 months back. His name was Dinesh and completed his senior secondary schooling as topper from Gurukul situated in Almora. He also told us that he has good knowledge of Sanskrit Language and remembers all four Vedas. Due to some circumstances he had to left his family then came to Delhi. After coming to Delhi, he is working in STD booth and use to sleep in that shop only. His salary was Rs 700 only and even after 6 months of job he was not having a single penny in his pocket. Earlier we used to take whatever he said lightly as we thought him as a swindler. But he regularly keep telling us that he want to do further study to get a government job but he has no idea that what path he should choose to achieve his target.

Once he came to my room and start reading one of my GK book. He asked me that he want this book for 3 days only and then I gave him the book. After 3 days he told me that I can ask any question from that 90 page GK book. I asked him around 20 questions and he answered each question. I was surprised and very impressed from him after that I asked him seriously that what his wish was. He told me that he want to be on a higher rank in Indian Army. I listened to him and told him that how he can achieve his target. He asked me that if I can arrange some books for him and told me that he also want to stay in my room for 2-3 months while in return, he will cook for us. I permitted him to stay in my room while my other roommates were not agreed on this but somehow I convinced them as we will receive cook’s service in free.

Meanwhile, I arranged some books and other useful material for Dinesh. I also told him about the physical test for recruitment in Army. Dinesh wrote down some lines on a white paper and paste it on one of the wall in my room. I still remember those lines:

1. Wake up at 3:30 AM in the morning
2. Books study 3:30 – 5:00 Am in the morning
3. Start running from Kilokari Village to South EX (around 7-8 km) at 5:00 AM
4. At 6:00 AM, wash the car of STD booth owner and also take bath there
5. From 6.30 AM to 7.30 AM, prepare food for us
6. From 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, duty at STD booth and keep studying books there....and same schedule for study, exercise for evening and sleep at 11 PM
At the bottom of page he wrote that if he misses anything from time table then skip food for 3 days.

I still remember he hardly missed any of his time line in 3 months. In 3 months not only achieved a very good physic and also prepared well for army exam. On the same time we all four friends appeared for 1st semester exam of MCA. After that my all 3 friends left MCA & Delhi due to getting failed in exams where I also got re-appear in one subject out of 3 subjects but I kept studied & enrolled for next semester.

In same year Dinesh went for the army recruitment and got selected in first attempt. When he came back from there, he gave me one box of sweets with lots of thanks. I also thanked him a lot for being inspiration in my life. He went to his hometown for a week after that went for his training. In between I had to leave the Kilokari Village to be shifted to some other place and never got chance to meet Dinesh. But I know that wherever he will be, he would definitely be inspiring people by his passion – Hard Work.

- ON Behalf of Ravish Verma,

Senior Project Manager
Career , Just Like That


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  1. soumyaranjan160's Avatar
    may god bless u 4 your such ethics & values!
    realy hats up 2 u......................
  2. anshul1289's Avatar
    hats up to little guy...god bless him
  3. hnikhra's Avatar
    manna padega kya ladka hai vo
  4. Nusri k's Avatar
    really inspired by the writing.
  5. anurag2840's Avatar
    its really hard , he got a great willpower
  6. Rahul Dahake's Avatar
    This is the Really...inspiration........!!!
  7. scientist's Avatar
    lets change our self
  8. apurvadhoot's Avatar
    really inspired me!!!!
  9. Kishorsurwase's Avatar
    Nothing is impossible in the world. Success has no shortcut. Do anything with passion, hard work and think always positive.
  10. shivani sharma's Avatar
    inspiring and its very touching
  11. vrishtisingh's Avatar
    Really it is very much heart touching story, Dinesh is a real example of hard work and determination can give success...and your help was also a good job......GOD bless him wherever he may be........
  12. Dipankar Choudhury's Avatar
    dinesh is inspiration for us
  13. sreekanthzipsy's Avatar
  14. vijaykr's Avatar
  15. Goose Washington's Avatar
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