Aakaar 2012 IIT Bombay Civil Engineering Fest 3 – 4 March 2012

aakaar 2012

Festival Name: Aakaar 2012

Organising College Name: Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Bombay

Festival Type: Technical festival

Aakaar 2012 start Date: 3rd March 2012

Aakaar 2012 end Date: 4th March 2012

Aakaar 2012 Details: Aakaar is the annual technical festival of the Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Bombay. Aakaar, the way we envision it, is a forum where you can speak your mind & be heard. Where your ideas would find ears, your theories would find plausibility and your creations the chance to take on the fire test. Students come from colleges from all over the country to interact with experts from industry and academia making it a great learning experience.

Major Events at Aakaar 2012: There are many exciting events at Aakaar 2012


Aakaar presents the National Civil Engineering Students’ Symposium (NCESS). Since the inception of Aakaar, the Symposium has grown bigger and has received wide acclaim from all over the country. This has encouraged us to perfect it as a genuine national level platform for you young researchers. NCESS is a pedestal for young engineers to put forth their budding ideas, be heard on a grand platform and be assessed by popular industry professionals and adept professors. Compete with the best civil engineers across the country and prove your worth. That’s not all! If your idea stands this fire-test, it may even make it to the elite few to be published.


A diverse range of competitions to assess your competence as a civil engineer and gauge your logical skills. We give you just the right stimulus to outsmart your rivals. Be it intelligent structure designing, optimizing transport networks or insane quizzing contests – we have had it all and much more. This is your chance to make it large on the big stage!

E-Earth Workshop

Aakaar 2011 was huge success with a wholesome footfall on both the days. The E-Earthwork workshop was a grand success as it recorded a healthy attendance of more than 100 students. The Guest Lectures were very popular among the students. Experts from diverse genres like engineering consultancies, infrastructure development and environmental engineering came and shared their knowledge.

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Contact the organisors:  Rohin Bakshi  +919769253113

Website: http://www.civil.iitb.ac.in/cea/aakaar/index.html

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/aakaar.iitb



Aakaar 2012 Teaser Video: