Chaos 2012 IIM Ahmedabad Cultural event 26th-29th January 2012

chaos 2012 -iima-fest-cult-fest
Festival Name:
Chaos 2012

Organising College Name: IIM Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Festival Type: Cultural Event

Chaos 2012 Start Dates: 26th January 2012

Chaos 2012 End Dates: 29th January 2012

Chaos 2012 Details: As the saying goes… Order was the dream of man, but CHAOS was the law of nature.
Introduce a little anarchy, upset the established order, and everything becomes CHAOS. We, the agents of CHAOS, bring to you CHAOS-2012: an amalgamation of spectacular events and dazzling performances from the best in the business.
Chaos-2011 went international for the first time and left us awestruck with a profound mix of art and music from the likes of Led Zepplica, Havikoro (Texas, US), KK, Isha Sharvani, Jagjit Singh and Makrand Deshpande, to name a few.

Come January, 2012, and the curtains will rise again on the four-day spectacle of unparalleled excitement, nerve-wracking competitions and spot events, workshops from professional artists, and to top it all, awe-inspiring performances from the biggest stars on the planet.

Major Events at Chaos 2012: Many interesting events are scheduled for this edition of Chaos 2012..

  • LITERARY: For all those times you were yelled at for watching too much TV and too many movies, this is your moment to gloat. Draw and guess movies, find personalities with 20 yes/no questions, play Pictionary, show off your English prowess with What’s The Good Word, 20 Questions and more. Finish these simple tasks to win. Go ahead,make Mommy proud.
  • CLUEDO: A murder most foul, replete with a dark and stormy night, a centuries-old quest for vendetta, damsels in distress, stiff-upper-lipped butlers and lots of clues. Hunt down suspects, interrogate them, recreate crime scenes and solve the mystery. Let your inner Sherlock Holmes loose.
  • JAM: This event is all about… umm… JAM! The panel of the most spontaneous and intelligent speakers of the country will sit again this January to thrash it out amongst themselves and decide who has the greatest gift of the gab. The event will compel you to think on your feet, and while you are at it, keep talking. The moderator will put the speakers into pits and loops, and the speakers will have to battle their way out using words and wit. Stellar prizes up for grabs. Speech is golden; silence is sin- so may the one who elicits the last laugh win!
  • ONLINE LITS:Why wait for D-day to begin the fun? Chaos brings you Online Lits- a series of online literary competitions in the run up to the grand opening. So get a feel of Chaos through online contests that force you to pick your brain and haggle with word clues and cues. Exciting prizes to be won! So join onto the web bandwagon and be the first to lay your hands on the moulah.
  • Dramatics
  • STAGE PLAY: All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players.As we all ring in the New Year in 2012, get ready to portray your world on stage. Do you have what it takes to express your emotions, passions, humour and fears on stage and leave the audience spell bound as you take them along in your world.
  • STREET PLAY:Street plays have been an integral part of Indian tradition. The idea of a street play is to propagate social and political messages in a humorous and sarcastic way and create awareness amongst the masses. A street play, or “nukkad natak”, is characterized by highly enthusiastic and energetic performance so as to attract maximum crowd.
  • The Couple dance: Mesmerize the audience with your sizzling chemistry and innovative props…. A deadly combination to conquer the stage…..What are you waiting for???? Imagine Hrithik dancing like Aish……Karishma like Govinda! Well that’s what this role reversal competition is all about….. as you switch roles at the whims and fancies of the judges!
  • The Solo Dance: A place for a maverick. A loner. Someone who wants to be a superstar. Someone who wants to feel unrestrained. We present a chance to be all of this. Be your favourite superstar (Quite literally). Forget about synchronization and formation. Remember, it’s always solo at the top. Be prepared.
  • The Street Dance: Getting bored with the typical dances…..come over to the Streets of WIMWI……to improvise….. express yourself….and have a face-off!! Time to let it go……. For those mavericks who shun dance studios, here is an opportunity to express your unique style…. Just your team and the crowd on all sides….. bring it on Folks!!!
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Contact the organisors: Secretary: Neeraj Chandrasekhar | | +91-9714 000 995




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