Cognizance 2012 IIT Roorkee Technical festival 23 – 25 March 2012

cognizance 2012 - IIT Roorkee Tech Fest
Event Name:
Cognizance 2012

Organising College: IIT Roorkee

Event start dates: 23 March2012

Event End dates :   25 March 2012

Event Type: Technical Festival

Cognizance 2012 Details: This vibrant technical festival was initiated in 2003, with an aim of providing opportunities to the student community to exercise its academic acumen and ingenuity and become a hub for ground-breaking ideas and solutions.

Scheduled to be held from 23-25 March, Cognizance will have competitions modeled to test the technical acumen, programming skills, flair for business management, quizzing expertise and mechanical intellect of the participants. With the dream of spreading its wings and expanding its reach beyond previously unseen levels, a host of new events and initiatives are being introduced this year. True to the great meaning behind its magnificent name, the Tech Fest will ensure a convergence of ideas from all around the country on a platform that shall serve as the pedestal that thrusts a Technovating Nation towards the glory road.

Cognizance is a festival that commences almost three months before the actual dates, in the form of online contests and various other social initiatives.The most eagerly awaited and exciting online contests are definitely the three quizzes of different styles yet intricately similar nature- Enquesta, Illushun and Techase. Insomnia brings a coding fiesta that tests your competence with formidable programming puzzles. This year, bloggers from around the nation will find their safe haven with the advent of Blogomania – another of our efforts to strengthen the link that connects millions worldwide.

Events at COGNIZANCE 2012: There are many exciting events scheduled at cognizance 2012

Centerstage :

Each of these mega-events has a touch from all spheres of life. With participation from diverse backgrounds, these are surely the cynosures of the corporate sector to lay its hands upon.

The main events under this umbrella include highly technical robotics events such as Robotron, Powerdrift and Armageddon. The International gaming event Chaos draws large participation from all over and the other online events such Insomnia, Blogomania, Cogni Street and Illushun are the major attractions. Cognizance has also been organizing socio-technologically motivated entrepreneurship competitions such as boot camp and bar camp.

Ideaz :

Hosted by each department individually, Ideaz is a national paper presentation contest where students present original research papers. Each department launches three cells of paper presentations in prominent areas. Around 1200 papers are presented every year. The best of the papers are published in the form of Cognizance Journal which is a history in itself.

Spotlight :

The engineering geniuses, chemical brothers, computer geeks and science freaks of the country participate in these long term discipline specific projects and problems. The problem is designed in such a way that it adds :
Value to Sponsor
Value to Institute
Value to Society

Problems include disaster mitigation, design of wheel chair for disabled, software development etc. The solution of the problem is the property of IIT Roorkee or its sponsor.

Spectrum :

The sheer multitude of events that take place provide a challenging platform for the students to use their brains to provide practical and innovative on-the-spot solutions to different industry based problems.

Guest Lectures :

With every passing year, Cognizance has some of the best people adorn its halls. Even with the their continuous re-enlargement cognizance fails to prevent their over packing. An company can gain a lot if it gets to these gallows.

Workshops :

Each workshop in Cognizance has a charm of its own. Each of the workshop is carefully chosen to meet the current needs and is organized by the best in the world.


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