Confluence 2012 NIT Kurukshetra Cultural event 16 -19 Feb 2012

NIT Kurukshetra confluence-2012 - cult fest
Festival Name:
Confluence 2012

OrganizingCollege Name: NIT Kurukshetra

Festival Type: Cultural Fest

Confluence 2012 start Dates: 16th February 2012

Confluence 2012 end Dates: 19th February 2012

Confluence 2012 Details: Ever since the mysteries of life unfolded before mankind, there have been just few such corners in it which have been left unexplained. The world of aliens draws in a deep sense of mystery and excitement fueled purely by the imagination of the human mind. The popular concept of aliens visiting earth is a relatively recent phenomenon, and can be thought of as an evolution of stories about gods and other supernatural beings visiting earth.

This evolution has been witnessed through various media in popular culture such as Spielberg’s 1982 classic, Carl Sagan’s lectures or the mysteries surrounding Roswell and Area 51. This Confluence, ‘Aliens’ has been decided to be the running theme for the festival. The mysteries and fun revolving these creatures shall represent all that one may expect surrounding the entire event. The theme, which shall be expressed throughout the festival in the form of vibrant colors and visual expressions, shall stand witness to a benchmark of creativity done entirely by the students of NIT Kurukshetra. This, we believe, is the physical embodiment of the essence of Confluence. Come be a part!

Major Events at Confluence 2012: Many exciting events are scheduled for this edition of Confluence…
1) Singing
Solo Singing
Duet Singing
Instrumental Solo
Western Solo etc.. 2) Dance
Solo Dance
Group Dance
Duet Dance
Street Dance etc…

3) Dramatics
Skit, Choreography, Nukkad Natak
Twisted Movie etc…

4) Photography Events
Scavenger Hunt etc…

5) Fine Arts Events
Match-Stick Modelling
Clay Modelling etc…

6) Lit & Deb Events
Aap ki Adalat


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Confluence 2012 Preview: